Wooden coffee table, round or square?

By what criteria do you choose different types of wooden furniture for the hall and living room? Some tables are placed between modern or classic furniture sets. You can put beautiful decorative accessories on them; When serving, put a tray and utensils on it or put books and magazines on it at all.

Wooden coffee tables are both simple and there are different types of drawers and compartments in the market.

Wooden coffee table models

If you want to buy a coffee table. First you need to see what is the decoration style of your home?

1) For the classic style, you should buy a variety of thick wooden models with detailed designs and delicate carvings.

2) In modern style, you should use geometric shapes or the magic of simplicity.

To combine these two styles, see which style you prefer; Modern or classic. With the style of a wooden coffee table, you can give the desired balance to your living room, hall or reception.

Modern wooden coffee tables

In modern style, everything has a beautiful design, but with the principles of simplicity. For example, these cross-shaped wooden bases are not only very impressive and special, but also do not have the classic style of crowding. The designer has beautifully created a beautiful design from a combination of caramel and white. See other modern models of wooden coffee tables.

Geometric shapes and rules in modern styles create simple and beautiful designs; Just see; How beautiful is this Z-shaped base of the wooden furniture front table.

Round coffee tables

Among the modern wooden coffee tables, if you want to give a new and pleasant style to your home; You can order round models. The design of round table bases create a whole new beautiful and beautiful model in the world of decoration.

Minimal timber tables

In this model, the coffee table is a beautiful simple wooden furniture, with several drawers and a floor with a suitable height, you can place the whole reception or functional device in the area of ​​your furniture. The khaki color of this table is very beautiful for modern comfortable furniture. To see some minimal furniture pieces see our plant shelf here

White wooden coffee tables usually create a modern style. They are very beautiful for colored furniture, but in this album we also have the classic royal round wooden tables. This proves the infinity of the world of decoration design.

Royal coffee table

For reception decoration, you can also buy a wooden furniture table full of work. Its white color slightly reduces the view of the bay. If you like gold; Make all kinds of gold tables for your living room furniture.

Square wooden table

If you are a fan of rustic style; Usually, the front table of a square wooden piece of furniture creates a very light atmosphere. With decorative accessories and a wooden console, a whole beautiful idea for your living room comes to your mind. See these models. Check out our bespoke designer furniture pieces and contact us to get aquote.


As you can see, classic tables have thicker woods with better color quality. These tables have detailed bases. The designer tries to make the table classic and full of artistic role by creating variable diameters and repetitive geometric shapes.

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