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Choose timber custom furniture!

There is no doubt that wood & timber gives unique comfort and warmth to the environment. In addition to giving energy and beauty to the house, wood is also very practical and durable compared to other types of materials.

One of the most important things is elegance in furniture design and production. In such a way observing the standard principles in making furniture does not cause its beauty to be lost. This important point is observed in handmade furniture and makes it possible to implement delicate details. Check all bookshelves here.

Why choose handmade custom furniture over mass production ones

Choose the size and dimensions

You can choose the shape and size that suits you and your house best. Is there anything more frustrating than receiving furniture and discovering it doesn't fit in your house? Even if you go into the store armed with a tape measure, a millimeter's difference can make a bed or cupboard absolutely unusable.

By being fitted precisely to the space it is designed for, custom manufactured furniture completely eliminates this issue. Don't be swayed by the tyranny of tastemakers or the fixed dimensions of flat-packed furniture.

Better quality timber

Handmade furniture is always better quality timber and wood such as Tasmanian Oak, American Oak, Walnut, Ash, and many others than mass-produced furniture in China or other countries. The furniture makers spend more time putting it together, and they use better quality materials as well.

Pick your own design

You can easily download images from Pinterest or anywhere on the Internet and send them to the custom furniture makers to make exactly like the pictures or make any changes you want.

Leave the design with the custom furniture makers

Although mass-produced furniture has its place in the world, nothing beats a custom-made piece created by a competent craftsperson for quality.

They bring a level of experience and craftsmanship to the table that factory-made furniture just cannot match, as well as the long-term durability that only built-to-last pieces can provide.

Choose the timber kind and finish colour

You select the timbers like and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that we are going to explain here:


Tas Oak


Timeless design, last a lifetime

It's not uncommon to fill a home with store-bought furniture that you like but isn't exactly what you were searching for. Custom made furniture caters to even the most discerning tastes, allowing you complete control over every detail.

It's entirely up to you in terms of style, size, and materials used. It allows you to have pieces that match your colour scheme rather than having to settle for mass-produced laminated or 2-pac furniture from a retailer.

Working with a qualified craftsperson will help you realise your vision. So, if you want a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that complements your house and style, custom-built products are the way to go.

Supporting a local Australian furniture maker business

Instead of putting your money into foreign corporations, you may support local businesses by purchasing custom handmade furniture. Spending your money on locally produced goods can help the local economy.

Unique design rather than Ikea looks you see everywhere

You get to design your own furniture when you have it manufactured to order. This implies that no one else on the planet will own the same item as you. Your stuff will say a lot of things about your personal style.

The effect of wooden tables and consoles in decoration

Consoles and tables can be considered as a complement to the furniture. In addition to adding charm and beauty, these elements are also a place to store utensils.
One of the most important points in choosing the dimensions of the console is to consider the space.