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Greenhouse Decor

Ahura Plant Shelf / Bookshelf- Hand Made

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The Ahura tiered plant shelf is as minimalist as they come. Inspired by the Japanese art of furniture making, it has a radiating appeal and a modest demeanor with a very durable timber.

With plenty of room between each level this plant shelf is ideal for displaying up to 40 plants of average size and height and positioned correctly in the room, it allows plenty of sunlight to reach the plants. 

A durable and steady Plant Shelf:

The sturdy construct resting on four strong dowels guarantees a permanent home for your green companions. The plant shelf features a beautiful Tassie oak veneer with stunning grains. Although the Ahura plant shelves come flat-packed, the assembly is quite straightforward which only requires securing the back legs using included screws and key. Unlike its other assembly-required counterparts, however, the Ahura plant shelf is well-balanced and steady.

This plant shelf can be used as a bookcase or you can have it outside on the balcony. The finish we use on this shelving unit is quite durable and water resistant.

What's the Finish on the Ahura Plant shelf!

What's more, the stain and finish itself is a combination of natural oils such as linseed oil and poppy oil that last longer than synthetic products. They are also non-toxic water-resistant and safe for children and pets as well as your plants. All in all, every aspect of this tiered stand is carefully thought and designed, and built to make sure your plants don't have to move. Ever again! This plant shelf is high-quality handmade shelving that is different than what you can find in the market in 2022.

More than a Plant Shelf/Bookcase:

This versatile plant shelf can also be utilised as a bookshelf. The space between each shelf means even the folio size books can be easily stored. You may also want to make use of the Ahura shelving bookcase as a display shelf or display unit to showcase your art your ornaments or to store and display your expensive china you keep tucked away at the back of your kitchen cabinet. 

The advantages of Ahura plant shelf:

We tried to keep this plant shelf & stand price as reasonable as possible as they are locally made and compared to the quality we offer you cannot find something even close. Our designers with interior design expertise tried to create designs that fit your home.

Our competitor manufacture shelves overseas and they make everything from the industrial perspective which leads to filling the market with repetitive designs and poor quality plant shelves.

Ahura Plant Shelf Options:

       + Available in Tasmanian oak, American White oak, American Walnut and American Maple.


      + L 1200 x W 300 x H 1500 (4 tiers shelves)

      + L 1050 x W 300 x H 1200 (4 tiers shelves)

      + L 900 x W 300 x H 900 (3 tiers shelves)

We will customise other sizes too. To get a quote contact us

Finishes Idea:

       Natural, Honey and black walnut ( only applicable to oak)

Price Depending on your choice of timber and size. Website prices are for Tasmanian Oak only. Please contact us for a quote on American oak and other types of timber.   

Featured Piece: Four Tiered Tasmanian Oak. Colour Natural. 

 Guide to our finishes and timbers

How to assemble Ahura shelves with screws using a drill or screwdriver:

With these plant shelves and bookshelves, you can make sure you have enough space to put your pots or other accessories to make your living room look organised and beautiful.

Some of our customers also buy the Ahura plant shelf as a bookshelf to create a mini library as it's very sturdy and can hold very heavy pots, china, books, or planters.

If you are looking for a stand to just store two pots you can check out our Vayu wooden pot stand. Also, our Hera planter can be used as a stand-alone box to support more than one plant in one place which is a great way to add more beauty and greenery to your small garden.

Greenhouse Decor is a proud Australian manufacturer and seller of hand made timber shelves that can be customised per your requirements. We ship to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane Perth, and other cities.

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