Basic principles of minimalism in interior decoration

Minimalist interior designs are all about creating an interesting, beautiful and clean space, and the colours you choose are chosen according to your purpose. Traditionally, for such an atmosphere, you need a palette that matches the coluor of your home accessories, which will make the house beautiful.

When you want to design a space with neutral colours, it is difficult to use a lot of variety that can meet your needs to have a beautiful house and no longer look boring and bad. Choose a shade that is the dominant base and you can create a solid colour.

Place the furniture in the centre of the room

Focus on furniture In minimalist spaces, furniture is like a kingdom that rules over other objects. Rooms are designed and built according to their applications and design furniture is placed in the room.

If possible, avoid paying too much attention to the furniture, and this means that you can not use the furniture of the year and do not look deeper into this issue and do not take it hard.

All the tools you choose have an important role in your design and are of great value. Do not worry about the high cost of furniture because they can attract the attention of your guests as much. As far as beauty is concerned, the choice of furniture is very important and you should be more careful in this case.

Mixing textures to create visual interest

Mixing textures, since you can only work with a handful of design elements, it is very important to put each one in its own order so that they do not lose their value and can be unveiled as much as their value. As it turns out, it is very important to pay enough attention to maintain the space inside your home and use the right textures for different designs.

Choosing texture for work is very important and secret for your work. In the case of interiors, textures are very important and they are very harmonious. For example, in the picture above, you can see and feel that the carpet is very soft, and for this reason, a table with suitable bases that does not damage the texture of the carpet has been used. 

Therefore, just as you focus on the beauty of furniture, you must also pay attention to the type of texture so as not to damage the furniture and accessories.

Create storage space in minimal decoration

Create enough storage space, if you create a space that is very beautiful but there is no part of it for storage, it will not be very interesting and at the same time it may be very unpleasant for you.

In minimal design, you need space to store items and you should be very careful about this because they are very important and for example these spaces should be able to store shoes, scarves, etc. and somehow your needs and members Take care of your family.

The only difference is in the appearance and appearance of these spaces.
However, the best type of storage space is the hidden type. For example, you can use patterned and beautiful cupboards, space behind the door or beautiful drawers. If necessary, you can use cupboards and other accessories next to these storage spaces to prevent it from being seen.

Choose accessories wisely, the common misconception about minimalist decoration is that in this design it seems that there is no room for accessories. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong and it is not, and this kind of design using accessories has no problem. Visit these bookcases which is as minimal as they can get.

Simple spaces tend to look incomplete. In addition, the accessories that are in the best place can make the room or house more harmonious and beautiful.

While you have the freedom in this design, you can put the accessories together according to its applications, which in itself is an important point about beauty. Think about using items such as candles, coffee tables, books, etc., and if you use these items, it shows the importance of your home.

In this decoration design, the right place is also a key. At first you can use the right place for the cages, dining table and furniture to place other items based on them. Minimalist spaces are all about highlighting simplicity. Learn more about the minimal furniture and design here.

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