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Collection: Solid Oak Timber Bookshelf & Shelving Units

Buying Guide to Shelving Units and Bookshelf of all kinds

Shelving units actually consist of a wide range of timber bookshelves, and many more items that are used to hold decorative accessories, books, plants, toys, and anything in your home that you think it's worth storing or displaying.

These are available in different sizes in the market and can be made of different materials.

Depending on the interior decoration of your home or office, you can order and install different shelf bookcases that have different designs, colours, and sizes. Shelf installation usually does not require special expertise and you can install some of them with screws and bolts in no time.

Wood & timber bookshelf

These timber shelves are made of wood usually oak veneer or solid oak. They also can be made with wood products such as MDF like Oak and Walnut. Wooden shelving has a unique beauty and has less weight than other types of them and can be made in different sizes and designs.

These are more considered because of their reasonable price and most of the time when buying home decor, the room is purchased and installed.


solid oak timber bookcase

MDF bookcase & open shelf

The decorative shelf and bookcase are for placing accessories and books. These can also be made and installed easily. Decorative shelves can be standing or be hung on the wall and can be made and used in different sizes.

MDF has a lot of variety in quality and type of material, design and coating, so if it is used in MDF with high compression density as well as the embossed coating can increase its quality and durability.

The decorative shelf can have a longer life so that buyers can use it well. In addition to its many functions, makes a special beauty for the house. In addition to its beauty, the decorative shelf also has a useful life, and this has attracted the attention of buyers and has a special place in wooden product stores.

One of the useful features of wood bookshelf such as MDF is:

The variety of colours and coatings is very high and the variety of coatings styles such as:

  • glossy, matte, and embossed
  • High quality and acceptable strength
  • Has a smooth and dense surface
  • Lack of wood defects
  • Compression resistant
  • No need for paint (in cases with coated)
  • Scratch-resistant and resistant to everyday use (in cases where MDF is coated)
  • Mode and cut at any angle
  • Easy to clean.
  • assembly required

Decorative timber shelves are the best way to fill and decorate if you have a large and empty wall in the dining room. Rustic-style wooden shelves work very well for traditional and especially modern decor. If your wall is white or in light and neutral colours other than brown will look great on a light white background.

Metal storage shelving units

Among other is the metal shelf. Like other types, is widely used and is usually made of aluminum and steel. Usually, it is placed on the ground standing because it is very heavy unless the shelf is made so that it does not weigh much and can be placed on the wall.

Plywood oak bookshelf

Wood in any space that is present greatly affects the mood and feeling of everyone towards that space. Wooden open shelf units are one of the best and most ideal methods of decoration in interior design, especially for reception, which fortunately has recently gained a lot of fans in our country, and designers and families attach great importance to choosing and buying these beautiful products.

Basically, the living or dining room and reception is a place for periods and conversations and interactions of members of a family with each other, so the type of arrangement and equipment that you consider for this space is considered very important.

The use of fancy and beautiful wooden boxes is one of the tools that can make this space warmer and more intimate than before. By installing several shelves, or even different boxes in special shapes, you can ensure the order of this space and put all the necessary accessories in beautiful and stylish boxes.

Solid Oak Bookshelf

Constructed with solid American oak or Tassi oak, they are a good companion for the years ahead.

What are the types of shelves?

As you know there are many types of timber shelves which sometimes make you confused when looking for a particular one. Here we are introducing most of them so you can see which one suits you best.

Wall Mounted

One of the important applications of wall shelves in spaces such as reception, living room or home office, and even the shelf above the bed. In these cases, in addition to storage space, wooden shelving is also considered a kind of decorative furniture piece and can have a great impact on the beauty of your decoration. Use our gift cards for your family and friends.

Therefore, you should have a lot of influence on the shelf model and design that you choose. The examples you see in the illustrations each represent specific features and styles that have created a great deal of variety.

The wall shelf, as its name implies, is for placing TVs. These can also be made of mag or wood. Display units are two types that are used for TV. These are very popular today and many people order them for their home and work environment.

If you want to buy an oak bookshelf, you can contact us so that our partners can provide you with complete information about this interior decoration equipment.

If you want your home decoration to look more beautiful, you can have a different wall shelf for it. To give more effect to them, simply choose a colour that completely contrasts with the colour of the wall and consider its positive effects. Make sure that this colour contrast is in harmony with other home appliances.

Try the modular wall shelf model. With this style, you can easily have a different and combined layout for your dining room, and after a while, you are tired of the current decor, change it and change the type of shelf arrangement according to your home decoration.

Shoe Rack

The interior equipment of the building is made up of different items, each of which has a specific application, for example, a shoe rack, which is especially important in apartments due to the pervasiveness of the corridors. Today, there are different types of shoe racks.

They are available in the market that you can buy and install, for example, plastic, metal, and wooden shoes, each of which has its own features that make people buy a type of them considering their home conditions and use it for their home and work environment. Contact us on the website so that our colleagues, in addition to the price of shoes, can also provide you with the required information.

shoe rack example


Shoe shelves are standing and this model is used when the number of shoes is high. The height of these shoes can vary and can vary from half a meter to two meters. You can see this type of shoe in places that are crowded, but most of the time in this type of shoe instead of wood from metal is used.

If you are looking for a modern shoe for your apartment,  Greenhouse Decor is ready to produce and install the latest type of apartment shoes for you by presenting its modern designs.

The important point in making shoe shelves by us is that you. You can customize the shoe holder of your choice to make a shoe for you exactly like the design you gave, for example, you can give your desired product to us in the form of a photo to match the photo.

Timber corner shelf unit Solid Oak Bookshelf

Placing shelves in the living room and next to other decorative accessories by choosing the right colour is one of the important things to maintain the beauty and order of the room interior or home office and will have many applications for you.

Basically, the dining room is a place for gatherings and conversations and interactions of the members of a family with each other, so the type of arrangement and equipment that you consider for this space is considered very important and you should be able to have a choice to spend hours You are together, entertaining and happy.

Among the important items for this part of the house, we can mention TV, furniture, home theater device, various game consoles, decorative accessories, etc., but do not forget to do not forget the order of arrangement, sometimes you install several timber bookshelves.

Shelves or even different boxes in special shapes, you can ensure the order of the space and put all the necessary accessories in beautiful and stylish boxes.

In fact, units with drawers are used to display a variety of stylish and special decorations, and on the other hand, sometimes you may have a special device, but you have trouble finding it. In such cases, boxes are the best places to put that device. To be able to find that object in the shortest possible time.

Cabinet shelves

The use of more shelves and boxes depends on the amount of space you need, for example, if you have a lot of decorative accessories or books, you can easily install more for the living room, and by doing so, you can beautify your home decoration.

You need to know how much space you have available and decide to build according to the dimensions.

Open Bookshelf or Display unit

Open shelves or bookcases are the ones without any back support and you can see through them, these are really a good choice if you are looking for something to get the light that goes through everything you are displaying on these shelves.

Custom display shelf


White and brown or walnut is one of the most popular colours for wooden shelves and boxes. These two colours, alone or in combination with each other, can be easily set with all colours, and the arrangement of decorative elements such as flowers and vases, decorative items and photo frames show themselves well.

Due to their neutral nature, these two colours can harmonise with other elements of your home decoration and take steps to complete and beautify them. You can use our gift cards to give to your family and friends.

Plant shelf

The plant shelf like Ahura, as its name implies, is used to place the vase. These can be either standing or wall-mounted. These are usually made for small pots because they do not weigh much, but if your pots are large you should use a stand.

These can be made in different materials, designs and colours, and Seghar Choob Group can also make and install the product for you according to your taste and your desired design.


Plant & Ladder Shelving

Ladder bookshelf

Sometimes, despite having decorative items, we can not use them well, because we do not have a good place to put them. Timber shelves are practical and useful ideas for placing these items such as vases, photo frames, or traditional decorations and decorative items. Products are not only on the corner but also have a variety of stands, known as ladders. Check out the Gaia ladder shelf.

These are both spacious and do not take up much space in the house. In addition, in terms of beauty and charm, they can shine well in the decoration of your home.

Creativity is not always hard work, sometimes with a simple combination of wood and metal in interior decoration, you can change your home in the best possible way. Combining wood and metal is an attractive idea for the decoration of modern homes that have become very popular these days.

Wood and metal are two materials with opposite properties, so when combined, each complements the other. Tasteful designers, using wood and metal, create beautiful designs for products from the wet of these two elements. Here are some models of wooden and metal shelves for home interior decoration. Looking for more furniture items, see our custom furniture here.

Bathroom shelves

After decorating the living room and kitchen, bedrooms have the most use of wooden shelves. Today, all kinds of products are designed and made for use such as libraries in the bedroom or home office. There is a lack of space in the youth bedroom due to a large number of appliances, furniture, and books.

Because decorative elements can be used less in this space due to the small space, using a creative design and idea can completely transform the space. Here are two examples of creative ideas for using wooden products in the bedroom.

Kitchen & cabinet

Timber kitchen drawers designs: The use of shelves and boxes depends more on the amount of space you need. One of the most widely used spaces for wooden shelves is the home kitchen. Isamu bar cabinet is a good example of a mini bar in your home.

Although today all kinds of cabinets are among the main elements in kitchens and are the storage of various equipment, today the use of various models of products has become very popular. By adding a few wall boxes, in addition to creating a more beautiful view, you can easily access the widely used kitchen appliances.

Find more about our delivery and shipping when contacting us for a custom piece.

Hide or display your belongings

When storing, consider if you have doors or storage compartments. An open solution is perfect for displaying books or photographs or decorating a houseplant. Is this really all that stuff that we can't see and avoid? A messy child's bedroom can be easily organized with a bookcase with a doorway. You could clean out an unfinished bookshelf using containers and baskets as well. Having both storage and display is the ideal choice. Put the junk in a closet and show off all your valuables in a large open space.

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A bookcase or oak bookshelf is essential furniture in most homes. Unless there is an adult library, this could be the home to the play equipment for children. If it wasn't toying you could use the file in your house to organize important paperwork. There are infinite options. Our collection of books is of many different types. Choose from large, high-end, narrow, and low bookshelf sizes with colours ranging from red or white to black grey, or various oak shades.