Wood furniture with solid timber

History of solid walnut timber in furniture 

Walnut wood has a very special appearance. Dark colour, natural texture and unique knots make walnut furniture one of the most stylish and luxurious furniture on the market. If you go to the top furniture awards section in various magazines and conferences, you will find that most of the awards of the year belong to furniture made of walnut wood.

In this article, I am going to introduce the best furniture in the design section, which have made the most of the beauty of walnut wood.

Due to the stunning beauty of the colour, design and texture of walnut wood, it is used not only in making various furniture, but also in some cooking utensils and many other items. Even the use of walnut wood in parts of electrical appliances has become popular today.

Why walnut makes a designer look in wood furniture

Beauty along with resistance has made walnut to be used as the first option in many industries and top decoration products. Walnut wood furniture is one of the most extensive branches and fields in the use of this durable and valuable wood.

Walnut wood has a very high strength and durability, which is why furniture made with this wood was often used in palace and passed down from generation to generation as a legacy. The colour of walnut wood is dark chocolate and sometimes it tends to be purple.

It also has yellow wood on the outside, which is close to the bark. But the wood that is mostly used in making walnut wood furniture is the dark and chocolate coloured part. It is interesting to know that walnut wood is one of the best woods in the world. Also, you can get more ideas by comparing our Ahura shelf to Vayu table to see the difference between walnut finish and light oak stain.

Australian made solid timber furniture with Walnut

 The beauty and charm of the very suitable colour, material and engraving of walnut is so high that it attracts many designers, manufacturers and woodworkers. In addition to beauty, walnut wood furniture has a very high durability and will easily compete with composite materials and industrial woods of this period.

Using the right colour fabric next to this wood can make the whole beauty of this valuable wood stand out in the furniture.

Walnut advantages over other types of wood in furniture 

Walnut wood should be used in such a way that the knot and its natural textures are beautifully displayed. So proper use of walnut wood requires art that not everyone has. The figures below the dining and the coffee table show a stylish piece of furniture that has taken full advantage of the natural beauty of walnut wood.

The shape of the tables is designed so that the natural lines on the wood cover most of the space on the table. Walnut wood can also be polished so that it shines under the light of a lamp. The table of furniture in the second shape has exactly such a polish that has multiplied the value of it.

Walnut timber durability in furniture

The use of walnut wood to build a curved and conceptual base can be seen well. This base is so polished that the beautiful design and patterns of walnut wood on it are clearly visible.

The glass plate on it has also added to its beauty and effect, and it can be said that apparently all these elements have been gathered together to show the beauty of this walnut wooden base.

Walnut wood furniture has a lot of power to carry the responsibility of beautifying the decoration, now this power can be used in beautifying the interior decoration or in many cases the exterior. Check out our custom furniture made of oak and walnut here.

Walnut timber brings a unique shade and colour in furniture

Modern models of walnut furniture, when placed in decoration, give warmth and a special class to the space at the same time. This is what makes such furniture so lovable and pleasant.

The dining table can be a good piece to bring walnut wood to the decoration. Like the figure below, the dining table with glass top is beautifully mounted on curved wooden bases. Since the surface of the table is glass, very interesting wooden bases are very beautiful and complete.

When we talk about walnut wood furniture, we do not mean comfortable sofa or steel sofa and table, in general, other items and accessories such as console table and mirror are also considered as home furniture.

The first figure shows the bottom of a console with a chic mirror made entirely of walnut wood. The mirror itself is surrounded by 60 wooden balls, which give the mirror an artistic and pearl-like shape. Such an object on the wall will have both a decorative and functional aspect. View our shelving & bookshelf collection here.

How to find out the wood colour

It is small and compact with an all-wood frame. The fabric of the sofa has a simple and neutral colour design to make the frame and strong body of the walnut wood stand out more. Adding a few more sets, such as a wooden coffee table or a narrow wooden bookcase next to the sofa, will ensure the elegance and elegance of the living room decoration.

Walnut furniture is not just for residential homes, in fact it is one of the best places to use walnut wood in work rooms and important business companies. The presence of such furniture in a company or office will show the client that the company pays great attention to detail.

The management desk or conference table made of walnut wood, in addition to efficiency, longevity and comfort, gives a high class and special splendor to the decoration of important rooms such as the manager's room. The table you see in the first two shapes is completely handmade and made in one piece.

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