Timber & Wooden Plant stands

We offer a unique range of hand made, high end wooden & timber plant stands and furniture that are designed by our environmentally conscious team as well as bespoke projects if you feel particularly ambitious in your pursuit for a distinctive design. Here at Greenhouse Decor it is our unwavering belief that a wooden plant stand should go beyond its pragmatic usage and become an inspiring piece of furniture in its own right.

Whether it is your hobby or just a primal desire to be in union with nature or simply a gift from a friend, it is hard to find a household without a plant, one might even say a timber plant stand what makes it a home. They are low-maintenance, beautiful, inspiring and humble addition to your home decor. But did you ever think about how the way you store and display them can multiply these effects? A unique plant pot stand with a design befitting your taste and individuality can mean the difference between “having plants” and “showcasing plants”.

The sturdy timber species that we handpick for our products ensure durability and a permanent home for your heavier green companions as opposed to fragile wooden stands that are prone to swelling and flaking over time when exposed to water. This is achieved by choosing Oak as our timber of choice and finishing our pieces with a coat of natural oil that is water resistant and free from harmful chemicals that can harm your plant leaves when they come in contact with the wooden pot stand.

Why our timber plant stand?

Wooden plant stand is among the furniture that play an important role in the beauty and charm of the space. In today's hectic world, people need a home where they can feel alive, fresh and energised, and the presence of indoor plants can partially meet that need. You may think that today's small houses do not have enough space to put a plant pot stand but we must say that with the solutions suggested by interior designers, you can easily display a large number of pots and plants in a cozy corner of your house. Growing flowers and plants not only calm you down but also gives you a sense of nature's presence in space.

Timber plant stand for larger plants

wooden plant stands with Tas Oak

Types of wooden plant stands & their features

Plant stand is one of the new decorative items that has found a special place in houses and interior decoration of different spaces today. Stands have different types and models, such as ladder, corner, hanging, sliding, stair, etc which are used in different rooms according to the model of your pots and other furniture pieces.

Tiered timber plant stand

Timber tiered stands include 3 tiers or more are one of the most popular home decora nd accessories in Australia. If you are looking for something to use it for multiple plants and each of them need different amounts of light, this is definitely your go to option. Also, you can categorise each group of plants by amount of water they need weekly or daily.

Ladder wooden plant pot stand

Ladder stands are among the most popular tiered stands that are built at short and long heights and take up little space. These stands take up more space in the house and are ideal for tall plants.

Wooden flower stand

One of the other popular models of flower stand is made of wood and timber. Wooden stands and furniture are very popular in interior decoration and creates a warm texture in the space. Wooden stands are the most popular models of plant pot stands that can be easily set with other living room furniture. The price of a stand is determined by the wood used in it.

Metal plant stand

The metal stand is the decorative base of flowers and indoor plants made of stainless steel. These pot stands have a high resistance to keep the pot, its stability is suitable for the very large and extra heavy pots. Also, it depends on types of other furniture in your home if you have other metal furniture pieces you can match them together, otherwise just having a metal plant stand will not suit the space.

Plant shelf

Plant shelves are one of the popular models that display your pots and plants in a more artistic way as they are tall and take up more space. These shelves can be also used for books or other ornaments and accessories that you would like to be displaced.

DIY plant stand

For those people that do woodworking as a hobby and want to show off their craft talent, making a DIY pot stand can challenging for them as there are so many things involved like types of wood and timber, design, measurements, durability and many more. Some people might want to start making them by recycled woods If you want to make them yourself you are welcome to browse our blog to find the information you need.

Plant stool & table

Plant stools are suitable for people that want to put only one pot on them with a round or square tops. They are also popular for those that a really big and tall indoor plants and want to display them properly. You can buy our Panorama plant table in different sizes. Also, our Vayu model can store 2 pots in two level or one pot at the lower tier in this case you can use the top as side table.

Tall wooden plant stand

Tall wooden stands are part of plant shelves and can be used as in your living room or study where you can also keep your books and other ornaments. Browse all our range of tall pot stands that can bring the art of craftsmanship to your home.

Our timber & wooden plant stands make a difference

Be inspired and enjoy the beautiful, natural look by adding greenery into your home from bedrooms to living areas, our long lasting wooden pot plant stand is the perfect low maintenance way to bring nature inside when outdoor space is not an option and use our products to showcase your plant & pots. Greenhouse Decor is one of rare furniture making companies in Australia that manufacture wooden and timber plant stands on creating high end furniture for multiple plants to encourage everyone grow more greenery in their houses. Bring life into your home and shop our impressive timber pot stand collection with a range of plant shelf and stand designs that can suit everyone’s tastes.

Find creative way to display your plants, our wooden stands for pots and planters which some of them are made of dowel shapes for legs are great for both indoor and outdoor decorating. Made from natural TAS and American Oak in a modern design and neutral colour, they add a stylish touch to your decor. A fabulous and stylish way to keep your houseplants off the floor with our quality timber pot plant stand range.

Add some height and variety to your indoor plants with our planters and shelves. Featuring a contemporary design our indoor timber plant stands can be featured either indoors or outdoors and is sure to add a more feature to any space specially living room or dining room also you can request any adjustments that you want when placing an order. Furthermore, we use children and pet friendly stain and paint as our pot stand's finish which can keep your house out of any toxic chemicals.