Our Story

Despite the growing trend of keeping and caring for plants among Australian households and of course no shortage of plants species to choose from, products to display and house one’s plants are surprisingly limited and many an indoor greenery aficionados have to settle for what the markets offers which are mostly mass produced and poorly constructed.

Greenhouse decor was born out of this lack of choice and quality and strives to fill this void and offer a choice when it comes to plant stand and pot stand. We are an Australian owned and operated business specializing in plant stand and plant shelf with a focus on practical and unique design as well as quality and durability. Our timber of choice is oak accentuated with other timber species such as walnut finished with natural oil ( see finish guide). The reason we refrain from using pine and synthetic timber is durability that oak offers when to exposed to water not to mention its aesthetic quality.

Here at greenhouse decor we put plants needs first.

Why our plant stands?

Whether it is your hobby or just a primal desire to be in union with nature or simply a gift from a friend, it is hard to find a household without a plant, one might even say a plant pot what makes it a home. They are low-maintenance, beautiful, inspiring and humble addition to your home décor. But did you ever think about how the way you store and display them can multiply these effects? A unique indoor plant stand or plant shelf or a pot stand with a design befitting your taste and individuality can mean the difference between “having plants” and “showcasing plants”.

We offer a wide range of plant stand and pot stand that are designed by our environmentally conscious team as well as bespoke projects if you feel particularly ambitious in your pursuit for a distinctive design. Here at green house decor it is our unwavering belief that a plant shelf or plant stand should go beyond its pragmatic usage and become an inspiring piece of furniture in its own right.

The sturdy timber species that we handpick for our plant stand ensure durability and a permanent home for your heavier green companions as opposed to fragile products that are prone to swelling and flaking over time when exposed to water. This is achieved by choosing oak as our timber of choice and finishing our plant stands with a coat of natural oil that is water resistant and free from harmful chemicals that can harm your plant leaves when they come in contact with the stand.

Our vision is everyone appreciate vertical garden and agriculture which brings more joy and help having a fresh and happy mood by just being around your plants and embrace the positive energy they give you. Enhancing your home decor, encouraging positive feeling are just some of benefits you can get by having little garden.

Our designs were made by our own team specialized in artistic and luxury wooden plant stand. You can enjoy the contemporary, stylish, designer look of our plant stand. Inspired designs look so real, you’ll love our range of various designs of contemporary and modern plant shelf in array of modern colors- the perfect accessories to help display your plant in.