The most popular Indoor plants for everuone

Houseplants: New research has analyzed Google data to find the most searched plants. Apartment plants have always been for sale, but there are certain plants that are more popular than others.

These 20 indoor plants are suitable for any home!

A new study has looked at Google data to find the most searched plants. You may be surprised by the results. So stay with us to get acquainted with the most popular apartment plants.

The most popular apartment plants

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been the most sought after houseplant in sunny areas. This plant is easy to care for and is great for those who are preparing the plant for the first time.
African violet

One of the most popular flowers of the African violet house is this common and beautiful houseplant can survive outdoors. Their fluffy leaves bloom continuously throughout the year. View our collection of plant stands.


 Ficus is one of the most common houseplants, although they are more like small trees than houseplants.

 Sacculents (fleshy plants) prefer a dry desert environment. Of course, there are different types of succulents, so choose one easily!

Bent Consul

 Bent console or Christmas flower with attractive red leaves is easily kept in the apartment is known as one of the most popular apartment flowers.

Censoria plant
Censorship plants are extremely popular as the most popular houseplants. They are basically the main houseplants in recent decades.

Boromelids love bright light and direct sunlight and are suitable for hot and sunny environments throughout the year.

Bamboo is one of the most popular plants in apartments. In the Bamboo article, what is the price of this popular plant in the flower market? We have talked to you in full about this, by visiting it you can get acquainted with more details of its maintenance.

Diphtheria is a simple plant that is aesthetically pleasing. Just look at those colors and you'll see why they are known as the most popular apartment flowers.

Of course, ivy can grow all over the building and become a nuisance, but looking at it as a houseplant is very enjoyable. Ivy is also a great hanging plant!

Daddy Adam
The ear elephant plant, also known as the Caldium or Baba Adam, has large leaves like elephant ears. This houseplant has an interesting name and is easy to care for, which is why it is known as one of the most popular houseplants.

Clean Easter cactus
Pure Cactus is a very common plant and has several colors such as pink, yellow, orange and red.

Aglonga, or evergreen Chinese plant, can withstand low light, dry, and dry weather, making it a very durable houseplant.

If you don't have basil pots in your home, I recommend you get one. Nothing is as appealing as the smell of fresh vegetables at home, especially in the kitchen.

Sheffield plant
Another of Schefflera's most popular apartment flowers is the umbrella plant, which is less like an umbrella than it looks, but is still very beautiful and suitable for any window.

Rastakhizi plant
Restorative plants, scientifically known as Selaginella lepidophylla, grow in the desert and, as the air dries, turn themselves into dry, dead plants and open up as soon as they are exposed to moisture.

Spoon plant
Jasmine, also known as the lucky plant, has the most popular houseplants, often small white or pink flowers.

Crotons are lively houseplants with very colorful leaves that bring beauty to any apartment.

Peace plants
Peace plants or spathiphyllum are wonderful houseplants that have white flowers, are very adaptable and do not require much care.

Philodendron is a large houseplant, but it is still suitable for people who are preparing the plant for the first time. They have a collection of different sizes, shapes and colors and are known as the most popular apartment flowers.

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