10 edible plants that grow easily in your home!Homegrown plants

Since the use of vegetables and edible plants is common in various recipes, these plants are very effective in the flavor of meals, and of course, the fresher they are, the more effective they are. How much effort do you think it takes to grow these vegetables?

Home Grown Edible plants

Have you ever prepared a small garden for yourself? Don't worry, planting vegetables is often easy and can bring fresh vegetables to your table without worries.


Basil is one of the fastest growing edible vegetables. An average plant produces an average of half a leaf. In order to have a thicker edible plant, you need to cut and harvest it more so that it can force itself to produce more leaves. The use of basil in salads and many summer dishes is popular. View our collection of plant stands


Thyme is a perennial plant with rapid growth and can even survive outdoors in the cold season. The resistance of this plant to cold tolerance makes it possible to use it in any season. So think about using thyme in winter soups and use it in your summer salads.

3.The smell of leaves

This edible plant grows as a shrub and will grow better when you pour a lot of compost at the foot of the pot. The leaves are consumed in breakfast coffees, eggs and some starters. This plant can be placed on the outside of the house to act as an air freshener with its fragrance. By crushing the leaves, the sweet aroma comes out, which cures headaches.

4.Lemon grass

This edible plant is one of the main ingredients in Thai and Indian cuisine and can also be used in soups, rice flavors and herbal teas. This plant helps digestion and digestion, and its essential oil is useful for treating stress. The high content of citronella in lemongrass makes it an effective substance for treating skin as well as natural repellents for insects.


Organo has a special place in Italian and Mexican food culture because it grows easily in hot and dry climates. Organos need less water than most plants and, like basil, grow more by pruning. Organo is a global companion plant that helps grow other nearby plants. Keep the organo pot in the house so you can access it faster and grow some of them in the garden to help other plants grow.


Peppermint is also known as one of the simplest plants for growing and growing. Since this edible plant grows well, experts recommend planting mint separately and in different pots so that it does not cover more sensitive plants. French pepper mint is used for oily essential oils and chocolate mint for cooking.

7.Maryam Goli

This plant is known for its tolerance to cold and drought, and its storage conditions do not affect its aroma and taste. The sage leaves of sage flower remove pests and are easily propagated to the extent that you can share your favorite flavor with friends. The leaves of this edible plant can be used to flavor a variety of cocktails, pasta and red meat. The dried leaves of sage are burned in batches to clean the air.


Rosemary is also a shrub but is kept in smaller pots and will be suitable for the back of windows. Prune the leaves of this edible plant at regular intervals as sunlight causes more rosemary to grow. This fragrant plant is used as a natural fragrance, essential oil and tea and can strengthen memory. Rosemary vases in the workspace and behind the window can be a good factor to open your mind when needed.


Onion is also a member of the garlic and leek family, and when it blooms, pink ball-shaped flowers form on its branches. Onion flowers contain a lot of seeds. So if one of the bulbs goes to the flower, don't do it, but keep it separate from the other species. Onion stems are harvested 3-4 times a year, it is interesting to know that even onion flowers are edible. If you can keep this plant near the front door, you will prevent the entry of annoying insects.


This edible plant does not need much watering. Coriander should be placed in the coolest space of the house during the summer, because the heat makes its leaves bitter. Since coriander does not retain its aroma as it dries or flakes, it is best to store a number of pots with coriander to make sauces, dishes and other condiments.

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