Cold resistant houseplants, bring spring home!

In this article, we want to introduce you to the cold resistant houseplants that can be green during the Winter. Changing seasons and temperature fluctuations, in addition to changing our lives, also affect the lives of plants that are living organisms. Since temperature is one of the most important factors in healthy plant life, by cooling and lowering the temperature, you should take care of the plant's needs and prevent the plants from freezing as much as possible.

7 Cold resistant indoor plants you need to know

Although people warm their living space as much as possible and even keep it in moderation, the cold still creeps in the house. If you want to buy new pots or want to know how sensitive your current houseplants are to the may want to do some reading on the plant's properties and habitat's requirements. some plants occur in a naturally cold environment while others thrive in a tropical climate. 


Cyclamen is one of the plants that are not only resistant to cold, but also loves the cold. This houseplant grows as onion and has many colored flowers that grow upside down and in large numbers on single flowering branches. The plant has heart-shaped to circular leaves that are serrated at the edge and have light green to white patterns on the leaf surface. If you don't give enough light to cyclamen, its leafy branches will grow tall and long enough to reach the light. As a result, after a while, it loses its general and beautiful shape, so that the stage where there are no more flowers and leaves on the plant.

Bent Consul

You must know the bent console plant by the name of Christmas flower. This plant is a cold resistant houseplant that, as its name suggests, is more common in the city in winter than ever before. The distinctive red to pink color on the relatively long, pointed leaves of this plant is reminiscent of Christmas and Santa Claus. Of course, the leaves are usually green at the end of the stem and near the soil. Bent console plants prefer to live in low temperatures, and the heat, even as much as needed by other houseplants, causes the leaves to fall off, eventually killing the bent console. You can place this plant near a window and in a suitable skylight and don't worry about the glass frosting to damage it, because this is the ideal condition for a bent console. Check out our range of plant stands and plant shelf


This plant is a cold resistant houseplant that needs indirect light and is very diverse in appearance. Begonia can tolerate cold, but may not flower in low temperatures. If the plant does not have flowers, it is necessary to pay attention to the soil surface for irrigation, and after the soil surface dries, irrigate. Don't forget that enough light does not interfere with the cold, and this plant needs moderate light.

African violet

This sensitive plant with hairy, oval leaves is one of the cold resistant houseplants that has its own fans, and perhaps not everyone, especially those who just want to keep the plants fresh, will have the tenderness of their hearts. Reduced temperatures are not a problem for African violets, but in winter you should place this plant in the south window and in the sun, because it is not a joke about the lack of light! African violets can tolerate cold to some extent, but if the temperature is too low, the leaves will turn brown and fall off. However, this plant may not flower at low temperatures and low light. Don't forget that the crown and leaves should not be wet and it is better to irrigate by filling the pot. Naturally, at low temperatures, less water is needed than in summer.


This apartment plant is also considered as a cold resistant houseplant and can withstand ambient temperatures of several degrees less. Of course, you shouldn't expect it to be able to withstand frost! Due to its fleshy leaves, kalanchoe requires little irrigation because it can store some water in its leaves. As a result, due to the lack of transpiration and evaporation of soil surface, the amount of irrigation should be reduced this season.


This plant with spear-shaped and pointed leaves is one of the resistant and oxygen-producing plants whose presence in any house is necessary and hassle-free. If you've kept censorship, you know that lack of water and light doesn't interfere with your life, and we have to promise you that it can withstand even the cold and low temperatures. Of course, if the interior of your home is cold, try to give it enough light so that it can withstand temperature stress more easily. Pressure on the plant through various factors affects its life and weakens its power.


This onion plant is another cold resistant houseplant that is deficient in water and light and can survive even indoors without light, such as commercial and office spaces. You can keep Zamophilia in the winter like Censoria, but if the place you want to keep is cool, give it enough light so that it can withstand the cold.

In addition to the home-grown plants for the cold season that we have introduced, you can safely plant some outdoor plants behind windows, balconies, or even backyards. Violet, chrysanthemum, crown of elm, primrose, ornamental cabbage, sesame, miniature rose and daffodil are among the outdoor plants.


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