The most durable indoor plants, these 8 plants will never be destroyed!

Do you feel that you do not have enough knowledge and information when it comes to keeping houseplants? Do not worry, you are not alone. If you're like many people who don't have much experience in gardening and caring for plants.

It seems like you're dying for any plant you touch, there's still hope that you'll be able to keep healthy green plants alive at home. Make them grow well. You must be thinking how difficult this situation will be for you, right?

8 indoor plants will never be destroyed!

Plants help to make your home decoration fresh and lively and add a good feeling to the home space. So you can enjoy their beauty and greenery without worrying about replacing any of them with a new vase or feeling ashamed of why your green decorative vase has turned brown.

Aerobic plants

These aerobic plants have not only become very popular, but also very easy to maintain. These plants do not need soil to grow and therefore survive in gravel-filled terrarium jars.

This plant does not thrive in direct sunlight, so it is suitable for home, living room, bathroom and any other space that has only a small window for indirect light. All this plant needs is to spray it with water every few days to make it look fresh.


This plant is suitable for people who are new to plants. Zamophilia, with its beautiful vertical appearance, is immortal and can live a healthy life in the shady and even bright corners of the house.

This plant, which is one of the most durable houseplants, needs little care and needs irrigation when the soil is completely dry. The fish will be warm once in a while and once every 8 weeks in the cold seasons. Do not forget to fertilize the plant every spring.


Aloe vera is known as one of the most resistant succulents. This plant will help you if your hands get burned. This plant does not need a lot of indirect light and it is enough to water it once every three weeks, when the soil is completely dry. Just make sure the pot and soil are well drained.

To do this, place some stones on top of the holes at the end of the pot and then pour the main bed over it. The main cause of death of succulents is the lack of proper drainage.


Wheat is one of the most durable houseplants. Wheat is one of the ideal house plants with easy maintenance because it can tolerate moderate and neglected light. The need for this plant is to keep the soil moist, especially in the growing season, ie spring and summer.

When wheat is perfectly healthy, it produces seedlings that can be propagated by dormancy. It seems difficult for beginners to reproduce, but you should know that this is a good opportunity to try your luck!

Abaya leaves

Abaya leaf plant is a hardy plant and this feature makes this indestructible plant suitable for people who do not have maintenance experience. This plant tolerates any amount of light from direct to indirect and full shade, so you can keep it in any corner of your home. Keep the soil moist and make sure it is well drained. Abaya leaves also tolerate drought. Since this plant grows little, it can live for many years.

Philodendron Heart Leaves

This plant is an old choice for choosing the most durable houseplant and there are good reasons for that. The symptoms of this plant are well shown and you can easily understand what it needs. This plant lasts in high and indirect light. When you notice that the leaves of this plant have changed to yellow, it shows that it has received a lot of light.

Water this plant once a week when a few centimeters of the soil surface is dry. When the leaves begin to shed, it means that too much or too little water is needed. This plant enters a new environment without stress and tension.

Ficus elastica

If you are more interested in the plant-like form, Ficus elastica would be an ideal choice. This plant will be a very good choice for inexperienced people. It grows well in high and indirect light and does not require much maintenance. Keep the soil moist during the summer and clean the leaves with a damp cloth. In other seasons, watering once or twice is enough. Check these luxury plants.

This plant grows fast, so choose a large pot at the beginning of the purchase so that it does not need to be replaced quickly. If you want to keep the plant small, you can limit the growth by choosing a small pot. Remember that you should feed this plant every two weeks from late spring to early autumn.


This plant has elongated and vertical leaves. This plant can withstand conditions even if neglected for several weeks. It is very sturdy and easy to maintain. For this reason, censorship will be ideal for beginners and inexperienced people. This plant prefers low and indirect light

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