Aromatic and beautiful house flowers suitable for home maintenance

Having a good smelling home can make your home a peaceful and enjoyable home. But you do not have to use artificial fragrance sprays or scented incense to have a fragrant home. Many natural plants have a fragrant and pleasant smell that you can use to make your home fragrant and enjoy their pleasant smell.

So you can have a fragrant and enjoyable home by growing fragrant houseplants and replacing them with artificial fragrances. There are creative ways to decorate your home with fragrant flowers that are also worth knowing.

In this post, we want to introduce you to fragrant homemade flowers and share information in this field with you, your regular companions. Stay with us.

Introducing some fragrant flowers

Pink jasmine flower (Jasminum polyanthum):
We may think that all jasmine flowers are fragrant, but this is not the case. Jasmine is a pink flower that grows naturally in homes and has a sweet scent. You can grow this type of jasmine flower at home and in gardens. These types of jasmine flowers need sunlight.

Scented Geraniums: 

There are many types of scented candles that can be used depending on the user. These flowers grow mostly in humid areas and have a good smell. This type of geranium has fast growth and different aromas such as rose, mint and coconut. Needless to say, geraniums are one of the most popular apartment flowers in Iranian homes, because we are all familiar with this flower.

Fragrant homemade flowers

Gardenia flowers:
Gardenia flower is one of the most fragrant and popular types of fragrant homemade flowers. This flower is mostly used in gardens and window pots. These flowers can also be grown indoors, but require careful care.

Begonia flower:
Most begonia flowers are not fragrant, but there is a special type of flower that has a good and fragrant aroma. This type of flower grows in small pots and is suitable for the indoor climate. This type of flower can be used in hanging baskets and small pots by the window. Most begonias always have green leaves and pink flowers.

Lavender flower is one of the most popular flowers among fragrant house flowers. This flower has a good smell and a beautiful appearance. These flowers need a lot of light to grow indoors. In the absence of natural light, you can also use artificial light to grow this flower. This flower is used in food, cosmetics and perfume industry due to its good and high odor. The scent of this flower is very soothing and relieves anxiety and stress, and it is also known as a suitable flower for the bedroom.

Orchid flower:
We are all familiar with the familiar name of the orchid flower and we know that the orchid flower has long been one of the most popular fragrant flowers among the people of the world. Orchid flowers can be grown anywhere and in any way and enjoy its pleasant smell. Orchid flowers have different scents, such as vanilla and citrus scents.

Fragrant homemade flowers

Pomeranian flowers:
This type of fragrant flower smells good at night. This type of fragrant house flower has pink buds that turn yellow and white after growth. This type of flower grows as a shrub and needs a humid climate.

Tazetta flower
Tazta flower is one of the few flowers that completely perfumes the home space. Tazta flowers grow quickly after planting and the shrub produces odors. After about a month, its yellow and white flowers grow and begin to smell. This type of fragrant house flower needs a net and must be constantly exposed to light to grow.

Madagascar wax or jasmine:
This type of flower is known as Madagascar wax flower and jasmine. The flower has dark green leaves and its white flowers grow in the form of five-pointed stars. This flower has a very good smell and makes your house completely fragrant. Place the wax near windows that let in natural light.

Miniature wax:
This type of wax flower is mostly used in hanging baskets. This flower has thick leaves and star-shaped herds. These flowers do not need direct sunlight and grow in the light.

Eucalyptus plant:
Eucalyptus is one of the most popular houseplants with a cool and soothing scent. The oil of this plant is used for insecticides due to its excellent cleaning. Having this type of plant in your home makes banana insects less at home.

Stephanotis flower:
This unique flower is called Stephanotis. This flower usually grows in warmer climates. The aroma of this flower is very high. This type of fragrant house flower needs a lot of care.

Angel Trumpet Flower:
Angel's trumpet flower is actually a poisonous fragrant flower that should be out of the reach of children and pets. It is better to use gloves for growing and gardening this plant. This type of flower grows in cold climates and greenhouses.

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