Introducing luxury apartment plants

Luxury indoor plants are for rich people who are interested in keeping flowers and plants and are always looking for plants that are in harmony with their home decoration. Luxury indoor plants include many flowers and plants that have a very special and stylish look. Luxury houseplants, in addition to being beautiful, may have higher prices than other flowers and plants due to their special conditions.

Then join us to introduce some of the most famous luxury apartment plants so that you can buy one or more samples of them according to your taste and financial ability.

1) Types of bonsai

Bonsai is one of the luxury apartment plants.

Bonsai are plants that are found in nature in large sizes but have been reduced to small size with the art of gardening so that they can be kept at home and in the apartment.

Bonsai can be in sizes such as less than 10 cm to more than 70 cm. Bonsai are divided into 2 categories based on the location:

The first category of bonsai are plants that should be kept outdoors.
The second category should be kept in the space of the house and apartment.
Bonsai luxury houseplants include Carmona, Retosa, Ficus, Crassula, Benjamin and others. These plants have a long lifespan and can be kept in your home for about 10 years.

Luxury houseplants such as bonsai can surprise many people because they are so beautiful and creative in appearance. Undoubtedly, when you see a natural tree in a very small size, you will be amazed and admired.

2) Apartment shrubs

Apartment shrubs are another luxury indoor plants that can be kept as a beauty element in any person's home. These shrubs (like natural trees) are only smaller in size. Shrubs are larger than other luxury houseplants and can therefore be used at the entrance to the house, hallway and hall.

An important advantage of these shrubs is their evergreen and lush nature. These shrubs are green in all seasons.

Luxury houseplants, like shrubs, are less caring than other plants, so many people choose them. In addition, shrubs can greatly reduce the pollution of the house and apartment.

What are the types of shrubs for houseplants?
There are many types of houseplants (which are considered as luxury houseplants). The most famous of them are palms, drasnas, ficus, shufflera, pine, acuba. Each of these shrubs has its own beauty and characteristics that can be used for your home and apartment.

3) Orchid

One of the most famous luxury houseplants is the orchid. This flower, due to its unique beauty, has been able to become very popular among flower and plant lovers. Orchid is one of the largest families of flowers and plants due to its high diversity.

Considering the different species of this flower, it can be said that all colors (except black) can be imagined for it. The most important species of this flower are Catelia, Symbidium, Dendrobium, Miltonia, Oncidium, Flunopsis and others.

Each of these samples has a different appearance and colour.

Depending on the color of your home decor, you can choose one of the luxury apartment plants and orchid designs. Some people think that it is difficult to maintain luxury houseplants (such as orchids), but we must say that caring for orchids is very easy and convenient.

The temperature at home is good for them and they only need to be watered regularly on a weekly basis.

4) Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most popular and stylish luxury houseplants. This plant can be one of the most beautiful plants for your home decoration due to its special appearance. Bamboo, in addition to being beautiful and easy to maintain, can also bring good luck to people.

For better growth and health, this plant needs a lot of indirect light, weekly water change, regular cleaning of leaves. This plant can be found in both soil and water. To propagate these luxury houseplants can be used by cutting the stem in summer or cuttings.

If you notice that your bamboo leaves turn yellow, it may be due to direct sunlight or your plant may have a potassium or calcium deficiency.

To remove it, it is better to give two special drops for each bamboo branch. Also, if you notice that the leaves turn brown, it is better to spray water the leaves. For more beauty, water savings and economic savings, a creative idea can also be welcomed.

The idea is to grow fish and bamboo in the same space at the same time; This allows the bamboo to feed well on the feces of the fish and grow well. With this, you no longer need bamboo drops for it.

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