7 Durable indoor plants, beautiful plants for any home!

These indoor plants are the best to start collecting plants. 

7 resilient indoor plants 

They all grow easily and can generally withstand irregular watering, unfavorable or bad light, and temperature fluctuations. These plants grow in bedrooms, work offices and even in dark corners. 

1.Golden Rising Potus

There is a reason that the Golden Potus (Epipremnum pinnatum "Aureum") is one of the most popular suspended plants. Golden Potus grows in its native habitat, with large yellow and green leaves.

This houseplant is one of the perennial houseplants, it grows strongly in pots or hanging baskets, even with the least attention. This plant easily takes root in a glass of water. It also produces large, scattered and complete leaves with better and more care. View our plant stand collection.

2.Spider plant

A well-grown chlorophytum is a magnificent plant. This plant grows easily in the basket or on top of the columns with arched leaves. Its multi-color type is very common. Over time, an adult plant gives small leaves on tall stems that look attractive. Our range of Plant shelf here.

These small leaves can be easily placed in new pots to create new models. Spider plants are not strict about water, light or temperature, and are among the most enduring houseplants.

3.Censoria plant

 In the same family, which includes Drasna and Lirup, there are several types of censorship (S. trifasciata or S. trifasciata laurentii) that are extremely durable. These plants are among the perennial houseplants that like a lot of light, but can tolerate less light if necessary, and are not very careful about irrigation. These plants also grow in the workplace.

When it is necessary to replace the pot, the main handle can be easily divided. Censoria has sword-like leaves, some of which have green spots and others have yellow margins.

4.Drasna plant

There are many types of Drasna that are suitable for growing at home. Dracaena Draco and Dracaena are the flagships of many amazing plants that tolerate a variety of conditions. These perennial houseplants have arched leaves and woody stems.

Drasna leaves can be green, yellow or green or even three colors. These plants like to be watered regularly in the summer and stay dry almost throughout the winter.

5.Succulents and cactus

There are dozens of succulents and cacti that grow in flower gardens and shops. In general, succulents are desert plants with thick, fleshy leaves. Some have razors and some don't. Agave, along with aloe vera and the bride's leg, is an example of the popular succulent plant.

Cacti generally have a razor blade and an interesting leaf structure. Succulents and cacti grow slowly and are resistant to severe damage. They are best lit with light, well-drained pots and low water.

6.Bromlide plant

These plants are probably not well known for their hardy flowering. True, it is difficult to grow these forest plants at home. They need a lot of heat and water, along with high humidity and filtered light to produce beautiful flower spikes.

However, many species of bromide have beautiful leaves that are attractive in themselves. Plants are among the perennial houseplants that are usually watered by filling the cup-shaped center. They require little fertilizer, and when the buds appear around the roots of the plant, they can be transferred to a larger pot to enlarge your collection.


Bamboo is one of the perennial houseplants (Dracaena sanderiana), a species of dracaena and perennial plant. Countless pots of this plant grow in poor conditions such as occasional watering, poor lighting and poor air quality. However, bamboo survives. These plants are an amazing gift and many people believe that they bring good luck and strengthen the energy of their surroundings.

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