Norfolk island pine, learn more about this evergreen plant!

We all love to use the freshness and freshness of plants indoors. Knowing houseplants and their needs can be very helpful in choosing the right plant. If you are going to buy houseplants, be sure to use evergreen plants so that you can enjoy their beauty and freshness in all seasons.


Soil, water, light and nutrients required for pine

Matte pine is one of the evergreen houseplants, which is very popular due to its stunning beauty. Therefore, in this article from, we want to introduce you to adaptive pine and its storage methods in residential spaces, so Stay with us.

Plant name: Adapted pine
Scientific name: Araucaria excelsa
English name: Norfolk island pine
Birthplace: Noor Folk Island, Australia
Family: Araucariaceae
Plant type: Permanent
Beauty criteria: beautiful leaves
Price range: Each pot depends on the type of pot from 30 to 80 dollars

Original pine pine originates in the Australian islands and is one of the most beautiful conifers on the leaves of the Arakriasis family. This plant is famous for its flat branches and beautiful leaves, which is why it is used to design indoor spaces, but it should be noted that flat pine grows more slowly in closed environments, because it is suitable for proper growth. It requires a lot of oxygen and relatively humid air, so it is a much better option for designing spaces such as roof gardens or designing patios and balconies.


This plant needs soft light, it is better to rotate it 180 degrees every week in spring and summer to grow in parallel, because otherwise they will tend to light.
Temperature: Pine tends to be cool and humid, so it is better to keep the ambient temperature cool in summer, because otherwise the leaves will lose their shape and take on a fallen shape.
Irrigation: Pine is a water-loving plant and usually needs to be watered two to three times a week due to the favorable temperature. Note that at watering intervals, be sure to check the plant soil, and if the plant soil is dry, be sure to irrigate it, because otherwise the plant will wither.
Moisture: It is better to spray water on its leaves daily and if you feel discoloration in its leaves, stop doing so.
Feeding: In spring and summer, which are the growing seasons of the plant, it is better to be fed once every two weeks with a suitable water-soluble fertilizer.
Suitable soil: Compost soil is the most suitable soil for planting for flat pine.

Maintenance and care of flat pine

Convenient pine prefers plastic or composite pots to ceramic pots, note that pottery pots are not suitable for this type of plant, and the best time to replace the pot is when the roots of the plant have come out of the soil. Use daily spraying to clean the leaves. There is no need to use chemicals to polish the leaves.

Flat pine propagation method

The best way to propagate pine cones is by cutting them, because planting the seeds is very time consuming and takes about two months to germinate. To cut this plant from the main and vertical branches, make a cut to grow vertically, because this plant will grow exactly parallel to the cuttings, and if you cut from the horizontal branches of the plant, as It will grow horizontally and will not have a special beauty.

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