Ways of keeping indoor flowers and plants when you are traveling

One of the problems of people who have flowers and plants in their house or apartment is how to take care of them when traveling? In the following article, we will review the principles of keeping flowers and plants in travel.

Water your plants well before traveling

Before going on a trip, water your flowers and plants well and then use one of the following methods to irrigate and maintain your plants.
Keep your plants in the coolest part of the house
Do not heat your plants. Instead, keep them in the coolest part of the house. In this way, the plant loses its juice later and is less damaged, and this is one of the principles of keeping flowers and plants in travel.

Use mulch to keep the pot moist 

With the help of mulch, the plants get moisture for a few days. Mulch includes debris, leaves, mineral pumice, pebbles, sawdust and wood chips. Pour the mulch on the surface of the pot to prevent evaporation.
Before traveling, water your pots well and then cover the soil surface with 5 cm of mulch.

How to water the plants in the garden 

You can use drip irrigation to water the plants in the garden. You will need one or more bottles of water to do this. Make small holes in the bottom and around the bottles and fill the bottles with water and place them around the roots of the plants. You can also use this method for normal days of the year. Because it saves water consumption.

Irrigation of plants with yarn

Irrigating plants with yarn is also very simple. You will need a thick cotton cloth and a glass full of water. In this method you have to put one side of the cloth or thread in the pot and the other side in the glass of water. The glass should be at a higher level than the pot.
You can put a bowl under your glass. It is best to have the bottom of the water bottle facing the soil of your pot so that all the water from the damp glass enters the pot. After this, the fabric is soaked for a few minutes and the moisture is transferred from the glass to the pot. Your fabric should be cotton to easily absorb moisture and transfer it to the pot.
If you are traveling for a long time, cover the glass door with glue so that the water evaporates less and runs out later.

Watering plants with bottles

One of the principles of keeping flowers and plants during their irrigation trip is with a plastic bottle. Depending on the size of your pot, choose a large or small bottle and make a small hole in the lid. Fill the bottle with water and insert it in the opposite direction into the soil of the pot. Water comes out of this hole little by little and reaches your pot on the days you travel. Check this article about how to keep plants fresh.

Use clay pots

If your pot is pottery, the easiest way to water it is to put your pot in a pit and then pour water into it. Moisture reaches your plant from the pottery and water is provided as long as it is in the water container.

Use plastic cover on the pot

One of the principles of keeping flowers and plants on the road is to water your pots well before traveling and then put a plastic bag on it. In this way, sweating is done and evaporation reaches its minimum. 
Make sure that the light does not shine directly on the pot, as the heat generated can damage the pot. This way the plants can live for at least 15 days. See more hre to improve your plants health.

You can use the bathtub to irrigate the plants

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, fill it with water and then put some bricks in it. Pour enough water to cover the brick. Then place the houseplants on the bricks.

In this way, the moisture from the bricks reaches the plants and the plants are saved from thirst, and this is another principle of keeping flowers and plants on the go. Never immerse your flowers and plants directly in water. Because it causes its roots to rot.

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