12 plants that survive in the dark!

The houseplants introduced in this article deal with any light you have in your home, and you don't need to think about providing more light for their health. Whenever you decide to have more plants in your home, bring with you a list of shade houseplants.


This plant, also known as Shamadura palm, has a lot of flexibility. This plant is one of the most popular shade house plants that survives in any space of the house.

If you have always dreamed of keeping a palm tree in your home decoration, this expectation is over. Cycas can make this dream come true. Of course, the height of this plant is not high, but it has a beautiful appearance and in addition, it is easy to maintain.

Pink agglomerate

This beautiful plant with pink and green leaves is one of the shady apartment plants suitable with low maintenance for your apartment space.Ficus Benjamin This plant grows a lot and in any space it is placed, it brings life to that part. This plant needs low pruning and regular watering. This plant grows in a spiral shape and can grow even in the worst conditions. Planting this plant in the garden may cause suffocation and destruction of neighboring plants, but it is ideal for the interior of the house.

Defen Bachia

Filtered light is better for this plant. In spring and summer, when the plant is growing and producing soft and new leaves, it is better to use a thin curtain as a barrier between Diphenbakhia and sunlight and enjoy one of the most resistant shade houseplants in your home.

The lanceolate leaves of this plant grow upwards and on their sides you can see thin red lines on the leaves, which gives the plant a unique beauty. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves, so it's best to provide light and shade.

Wheat: The compatibility of this plant has made it one of the most convenient plants for growth and maintenance and has become very popular. You can propagate this plant to Rajati and give it to others. This plant resists negligence and survives in indirect sunlight.

Philodendron Heart Leaves

This plant is one of the most popular types of canopy plants that is resistant to low light space, but you must prune it so that it does not grow into a single tall stem. Bromide Didn't you think tropical plants would be on the list of dimly lit plants? The bromelid plant can live in fluorescent light and can withstand even humid environments such as toilets and bathrooms.

Aglonoma:This plant is one of the most durable houseplants and does not need much light. The only need for agglomerates is to be fed once or twice a year, and it will be suitable for people who want to start caring for shade houseplants. Censorship

Censoria: is very durable and easy to maintain. The more light, the more it grows, but it also tolerates dark conditions. Excessive watering of this plant will destroy its roots.

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