The most effective methods to Grow Plants

 One of the constant concerns of flower and plant owners at home is the loss of vitality and beauty of their plants. 

6 ways to have a healthy indoor plants

These recommendations are general to maintain and maximize plant freshness. 

1.Do not use glassware

Glass containers are used when cutting the plant to easily take root; Because these containers pass light easily and a lot of water also causes the roots to rot and disappear. Glass containers do not have water and therefore excess water does not come out of their soil and the roots of the plant from They disappear. If you use these dishes, you should change the water in the pot regularly or cover the roots with small and large stones and just keep the stones moist.

2.Replace soils

Water that has a lot of salts is called hard water, which destroys soil minerals and creates white mold on the soil. These white spots are a sign of soil poverty and lack of salts. It is better to change the potting soil once a year to create a suitable opportunity for plants to grow. There are so many ways and ingredients that you can use to increase you indoor plants strength.

3.Change the pots

Plants grow every year and their roots need more space to grow. Changing pots prevents plant parasites, fungi and molds from damaging the roots of plants and preventing them from growing; In this way, the soil remains more stable. Potting is necessary for all plants, but for small plants such as cactus, although it is necessary to change the pot once a year.

4.Pottery is better

The best pots are made of clay, which is known as clay pots, because they provide the best conditions for the freshness and vitality of the plant and cause the soil temperature for the roots to be cool in summer and warm in winter. Especially for plants such as cactus that do not need much water, the use of these pots will cause excess water to leak into the body of the pot.

Plastic pots are also suitable for some houseplants such as Patios and Ficus. Never use metal pots, as they will rust and increase the penetration of toxins into the soil, although new steel pots have suitable coatings without harm. You check out these tips that can help you not kill the plants.

5.Take pollination seriously

Pollination has a specific season for each plant. The best season for this is spring and autumn, it is better to keep the plants outdoors at these times of the year so that their beauty is not lost and their pollination does not cause allergies in the family. Pollination enhances the freshness of the plant, although pollination is limited to plants that are often planted in gardens. Do you want to know how to choose a suitable plant?

Pay attention to nutrition
To strengthen the soil, it is better to use plant and chemical fertilizers according to the type of plant. Salt-free washed rice juice makes any plant fresh and green. When the egg is cooked, pour the water into the pot to provide the lime needed by the plant. Avoid pouring coffee and Nescafe into the soil; Because it makes the soil acidic. Aquarium water is suitable for strengthening young shoots, but to meet all these needs you can use odorless fertilizer and new vermicompost.

6.The pot should be watered; But not much!

Irrigation of houseplants should be very low and minimal. The best amount of water is two glasses of water per week. Plants you keep at home do not need a lot of water. Never let the soil get wet, as it will cause root rot. The bottom of the pot also prevents excess water from leaking into the pot.

It is better to give enough light to the plant to do as much photosynthesis as needed and stay fresh. Behind windows, patios and balconies are good places to keep plants. Even a light bulb can provide light to a plant. To make the plants more fresh, it is better to take them out in the summer and put them in the open air for a few hours.

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