Excellent indoor plants for lazy people!

Here are 10 hardy houseplants that should only be watered once a month.
Great houseplants for the lazy according to the Young Reporters Club web group, choosing the best houseplants is a simple task, you just have to find a plant that fits your needs, it is my philosophy that plants should not be too time consuming. I'm a big fan of low-maintenance plants, especially if they're apartment plants.

Sure, these orchids and azaleas are so beautiful; At least when you bring them home for the first time. But unless you are diligent about caring for them, they will be gone in a few months (or even weeks).

While you may think you are unlucky, this is not the case. The key to enjoying the beauty (and health) of lesser-known plants is choosing the right kind.

Here are 10 resistant houseplants that should only be watered once a month. (Irrigation schedule depends on plant size and time of year). Make sure you write down the botanical name for each plant. This information will help you when searching online or shopping at your local garden center.

Pearl (Senecio rowleyanus)

It is also called the rosary seed plant because of its appearance. The small green circles are almost like peas growing in small rows. The pearl string is part of the succulent family, and originated in South Africa, so it tolerates drought and very little water easily.

If you are lucky enough for this plant to flower, the white flowers will smell like cinnamon. For best results, place the plant in a hanging basket in full sun.


Do you remember the beautiful flowers in your grandmother's or neighbors' house? Probably, they were begonias. In general, there are two types of house begonias: leafy and flowering - and both flowers hate water.

Flowering species (a.k.a. cane begonias) are annual plants and often bloom in autumn and winter. The deciduous species (some species of begonia rhizomatosis) sometimes bloom, but are known for their interesting leaves.

Beeswax (Hoya carnosa)

The green grapes show that bright color and you can leave it without watering for a few weeks. Most people do not know that wax is a type of vine because it grows very slowly. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't bloom right away. This process may take some time, but when it blooms, it will entertain you with starfish. This plant needs a lot of light.

Air plant (Tillandsia)

Air plants have not yet attracted the attention of the mainstream, but they are slowly gaining popularity. This plant is aerobic, which means that it does not need soil at all. You don't really give it water; You only have to walk once a week, and that's enough! Interior designers love air plants, so you may have seen them in various magazines.

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

This is not really bamboo. In terms of luck, you have to make your decision. The plant is still home-grown and can be used in small office spaces. To grow a lucky bamboo, fill a pot a few inches below with pebbles and then add the same amount of water. Put the bamboo directly in the water! You just have to add some water every few weeks.

Horsetail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

“Keep the soil dry. If this is a recipe you would like to hear about a plant, this plant may be for you. This plant is not actually a palm, but it can easily reach a height of a few feet and has certain characteristics similar to palm. Keep this plant in a relatively large pot so that it is not crowded, and if it seems to be really fast growing, transfer it to a larger pot. During the winter, you should water it even less (every four to six weeks) so that the soil does not get too wet, as it can lead to stem rot. This plant should also be exposed to sunlight.

Zebra hawthorn cactus

Some gardeners call this plant the zebra cactus, while others use only the botanical name and call it Horosht. If you think they are like plum plants, you are right: they are both members of the family Asphodeloideae. This striped plant is one of the most interesting houseplants. Get ready to answer your people's questions. For best results, water your cactus only once a month and keep it away from cold, dry areas.

Sedum morganianum

Did you know that the monkey tail plant you plant in the garden is drought tolerant and has a beautiful fall color? Think about the relatives of this plant: both have the same botanical name, both are juicy plants in the family, and require little water.
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