18 plants suitable for Autumn

Planting and maintenance of plants are not specific to spring. It is interesting to know that you can plant almost any plant in autumn and enjoy its growth like spring! Of course, plants suitable for the fall season are more vibrant and fresh this season. Autumn is the time to keep houseplants with colorful leaves.

Earlier in the article, we said that the best time to plant and change the soil of the plant is that spring may be a special opportunity to plant new plants, but autumn is also a good time. Some grasses, bulbs, flowers that bloom in spring, perennials, trees and shrubs are very good choices for this season and grow well in autumn weather.

Autumn has different characteristics for growing plants.

The cooler weather this season is more pleasant for the plants than the summer. The soil is still warm and allows the roots to grow well before the cold. Because in the spring, the soil is still cold, and as you know, the plant will not grow well until the soil warms up.

Another issue is the diversity of autumn and spring climates. Spring is the season of constant change in the weather, the day may start with heavy rain, the noon will be warm and the night will change to cold and rainy weather. But in the fall, the weather is almost uniform and nothing unexpected happens. That's why there are more opportunities to plant in the fall.

In addition, autumn is the last opportunity for gardeners and flower and plant sellers to sell newly planted plants before winter arrives. Sometimes you can buy an expensive plant at a much cheaper fall discount!

1. Chrysanthemum flower pot

An autumn decor is completed only with these chrysanthemums. With their yellow, orange and red colors, they are a good symbol of the autumn rainbow. During the day, place the chrysanthemums in a place that receives a lot of indirect but filtered sunlight and is dark and dim at night. They look so beautiful on the shelf and on the table, just like a shining sun!

2. Agglomerate apartment plant

If you do not have enough time and patience to take care of the plants, agglomerate is another plant that you can choose. In addition to being easy to maintain, the agglomerate grows easily and is not at all troublesome. Its green leaves have a shade of red and are decorated with yellow, orange and even red stripes. The same autumn colors have made her a beautiful plant for this season.

3. Croton: A Plant suitable for autumn croutons

Croton is a great plant to bring a tropical feel to your home! Its red, orange and yellow leaves, which together create an eye-catching combination on a green background, make croutons a stylish and beautiful option for decorating all homes. Put Croton in a prone place, the reflection of sunlight on the colorful leaves of Croton is really amazing.

4.Broomliad flowering plant suitable for autumn

Bromeliad has a different appearance than other plants. He belongs to the pineapple family and should be kept in a warm, humid environment. Bromeliad flowers are orange, yellow or reddish-purple, all of which are suitable colors for the fall season. Also, did you know that bromeliad is one of the best air purifiers?

5. Maranta (prayer plant): Maranta zebra flower vase

Maranta is a plant that has long been very popular and easy to grow. Its green leaves are decorated with streaks of red and purple. Maranta growth is erratic and crowded, so it is suitable for large tables or hanging. It is interesting to know that Maranta leaves bend upwards at night, just like the groups that are worshiping. For this reason, he is also called a devotee or a prayer plant see more information about prayer plant among purple plants.

6 - Dracaena flag: Dracaena flower vase

The leaves of Dracaena are dark green with a beautiful red or purple stripe around them. It may look a bit like an edible plant mounted on a bamboo! Sometimes some of these beautiful little trees are intertwined and seem to be woven together, which adds a beautiful twist to the interior decoration of your home. The flagship dracaena plants is also a plant suitable for autumn.

7. Neon Potosi: Potted neon flower vase

Neon colors are usually underestimated, but not this time. In the case of this particular type of potus, the story is different! The shiny leaves of the neon potus act just like a prism and are really bright and beautiful. This pot is very suitable for autumn, because it is a good complement to the warm colors of autumn and with shades of gold and orange, it perfectly matches the mood of autumn.

8 - Calathea potted plant suitable for autumn

Stylish, bold and mysterious! Calathea leaves are a mixture of dark green, olive, dark green and purple. With its beautiful and different colors, this plant is an interesting variety among other autumn plants. A little bold green among the yellow and orange of autumn! Calathea is suitable for any home and on any table.

9 - Anthurium: Red potted anthurium flowers

If you are a gift giver of plants, you must have seen a lot of anthuriums during the holidays or on Valentine's Day! A beautiful and eye-catching plant because of its red flowers and face

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