12 dazzling purple houseplants

You may want to keep an apartment flower with colorful leaves because these plants have a lot of effect and give the space a new spirit. If you are interested in purple, join us in this article to introduce you to purple apartment flowers such as willow, oxalis and etc These 12 stunning plants are known for their texture and colorful foliage!

1. Purple Oxalis

This plant is native to Brazil. Axalis looks beautiful with its beautiful foliage and lush blooms. The leaves of this plant are like small and beautiful butterflies. Some species produce more colorful purple leaves. The delicate foliage and very pleasant flowers of this plant make it an ideal choice for home storage. Has turned. The small, triangular leaves of this plant close at night, which makes it interesting to maintain.


Coleus plant is a very beautiful plant that is available in many different colours and styles. Usually used as an annual plant for open spaces. This plant is also very easy to maintain at home. The longevity of the beautiful color of the leaves of this plant depends on receiving enough light.

The more light it receives, the more vibrant and pleasant it will be. The shade also allows the colors to take shape, but they become a little weaker. It is very easy to propagate this plant. The beautiful and impressive leaves of this plant can give life to a boring and boring room.

3. Prayer Plant

This plant with its unusual and wonderful leaves is very interesting and suitable for keeping at home. This plant is also known as the footprint of a rabbit. Maranta Luconora has two different species, the green model and the red model. The second model It has prominent red streaks on its leaves. The leaves close at night and look like the hands of a person praying. This plant is also called a devoted plant or a prayer plant. This plant grows well in conditions with mild moisture and soil that is evenly irrigated. In winter, you should keep it in drier conditions.

4. Wandering Jew

It is a very easy plant to keep at home. This plant is a popular plant for two reasons: ease of maintenance and beautiful appearance, whether in a hanging position or in a normal pot. Most species of this plant have olive and silver leaves on the upper surface of the leaf and purple on the underside of the leaf. Some species have purple on both sides of the leaf. It grows well and the soil should be watered regularly, but it is recommended that the plant soil be dried between waterings. You can propagate this plant by dividing the roots. Learn how to water the right amount and maintain your plants healthy

5. Cordlin (Ti Plant)

This attractive plant with purple and red leaves is one of the most beautiful colorful houseplants. Cordlin is a very suitable plant for adding color and style to a corner of a room or house with suitable and almost abundant light. Most species of this plant have leaves with different colored streaks such as white, cream, dark pink or darker purple. This plant is sensitive to the amount of light it receives and should be located in a place that receives enough light. .

6. Rex Begonia

Begonia Rex is known for its special color and texture. The leaves come in a variety of colors, patterns and streaks. Although its flowers are very beautiful, the special and unique state of the leaves with attractive colors such as: silver, red, purple, white, pink and more makes this plant attractive. This plant basically likes shady places. Wet soil and excessive fertilization cause rot and destruction of this plant. Prolonged wetting of the leaves of this plant also provides grounds for infectious diseases and pests. If you keep these issues in mind, the maintenance of this plant can be very easy.

7. Purple Passion

This lovely houseplant is beautiful with velvety foliage and purple painted edges. Its unique radiance and beauty is evident when the sun shines on it. The plant grows vertically when it is young, and when it grows older and matures, it spreads like a grape, making it a good plant for hanging pots or as a creeping plant. And moist soil is very enjoyable.

8. Caladium

Caladium is a beautiful tropical plant with leaves that are painted in different patterns with red, pink and purple and cream colors. The leaves of this plant have unusual shapes such as heart, spear or arrow. This plant is shade-loving and has no problem keeping indoors, it only needs at least 3-4 hours of filtered light per day.

9. Red agglomerate

Red agglomerate is a beautiful plant with purple and red leaves. One of the easiest houseplants to maintain. Red agglomerate is one of the new and beautiful plants that have just entered the world of houseplants. This plant has almost dark green leaves whose margin is covered with red, purple or pink colors. A long-lived plant whose color is It lasts all year round and requires very little maintenance. Finally, it should be noted that this plant is one of the best air purifiers.

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