Home decoration with plants, sit down to watch your flowers with these 10 ideas!

We all love nature and plants and love to interact with them in our living environment. Designers and decorators use plants to create a kind of magic and create a new glow of vegetables and nature, which will ultimately show a unique effect.

Aside from the fact that you use plants because of their benefits, such as cleaning the air, or simply considering their beauty, the following tips can be effective in making them look better at home and at work. 

Combine plants with old pots

Reddish-red pots aren't just for the outdoors and the yard, they're a worn-out look when used in the kitchen, and the warm color makes them attractive for adding glamor. If you use this method to keep your plants, edible plants will be very good options to enjoy their beauty and efficiency while cooking.

People living in small apartments can use the walls to pick their plants and pots. This interesting and versatile multi-purpose pocket design is designed to scream nature in a remarkably white space with delicate tiles. The image above is an example of a delicate wall hanger with a white color that gives a special effect to the green of the plants.

Narrow plants by the window

Due to the narrowness of the windows, there may not be much space for objects. But planting thin plants in tall, elongated pots can easily be placed there. In addition to beautifying the space behind the window, this can also control the incoming light with the inside.

If you increase the storage space of the bathroom with the lineage of several shelves and plant stand, you can easily use suitable plants with humid spaces. These plants can grow very well if they receive some proper light and make your bathroom space lovely and relaxing.

Revive antique vases

Old vases, such as Renaissance specimens, have always been of particular interest to designers. With such pot stand, you can turn your plant into the center of attention of the house.
If you go for dark colors such as navy blue, navy blue, black and gray, make sure that the green color of your plant will be seen more than before. The green of some plants is such that they are a good companion for dark colors along with dark colors.
Designers are sometimes inspired by the leaves hanging from the forest. Wooden or metal pots can easily be hung from your ceiling and convey a sense of calm to the plants. You can use this method to create a focal point in the space, for example above the open or dining table. So maybe you should get acquainted with different types of plant shelf.

If you want to put plants on the ground, use taller specimens that create a visual impact and focal point in the room. Like the picture above, these cacti are an ideal choice for a dining room. Their green color creates a warm and intimate harmony with the wood in the space.

Combine several plants

Although a flower pot alone is attractive, if you put the matching plants next to each other, you will achieve a very beautiful and attractive combination. For example, placing pink orchids next to a green plant creates a good sense of calm in the kitchen.

Bring bright colors to the children's room by bringing fresh leaves. Sometimes you may just need to use flowering plants for your bedroom. In the image above, the two plants may seem neutral and unaffected at first, but by being next to other colored objects, they create an attractive atmosphere.

A final word: We all feel very far away from nature in our lives today, especially in big cities, but we can bring it back to our homes in very simple ways.

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