Aromatic plants & trees for your green spaces

Articles of flowers that are fragrant are always popular, especially for landscaping works and engineers, always asking us about fragrant plants during the implementation of my green space projects to plant something to fill our yard full of floral fragrance, in fact, I would like it to be so that when you walk in the yard or villa, you get drunk from the scent of these flowers and pray in the glass garden.

What are Aromatic plants & trees?

Well, friends of some plants use their own perfume to attract pollinators. They spread far and wide and some of them have little perfume and you have to dip your nose to the bottom of the flower to be able to feel its aroma, maybe a bee is something in you and your nose bites.

This article is also useful for Iranians Dear friends, it eats and benefits our compatriots who are from friendly and brotherly countries of Europe, Canada, Australia, which have more plant diversity and always leave comments and questions!

Glossy Abelia plants

Abelia is one of the shrubs of medium and short height and is suitable for semi-shady and shady places, where the horned flowers appear at the end of each branch in spring, which is very fragrant.

Calycanthus wine flowers

I saw this shrub for the first time in the Botanical Garden and as soon as I saw it, I understood what family it is from and the wine flower. Its flowering is in spring and you touch its leaves and crush it for a while, your hand smells of wine and from there you understand that this flower is a wine. It has big red flowers and its colour is also wine!

It is very fragrant, of course, not too much around it, it can not be planted anywhere in the villa or in the yard! It is better to use peat moss or garden soil with tea pulp when digging the hole, the soil must be black! Otherwise it will not flower! This is also the foot of the crying jar that was gained in work and experience.

Bitter Olive Melia

Once in a luxury villa, for one of the customers, instead of the willow tree, which was very annoying, I recommended the bitter olive tree, which you frame with it all around the yard. It has shadows, fragrant flowers and its fruits become beautiful in autumn. No pain, ozone, then this gentleman will give a flower as a gift to anyone. He will buy a bitter olive.

Friends of this tree with its excellent shade is excellent for fireplaces or living rooms in the yard and is one of the very resistant to cold and heat . It is and it does not get very high and it has a good canopy. Also, its flowers in spring, when you pass by it or sit under it, it has a good aroma and you are always happy to sit next to it and below. It is a good choice for parks and in the yard of the villa. Or around the walls of a suitable garden.

Theron and Jasmine Dutch Ligustrum

Friends of these plants are very useful in green spaces and in spring they produce very fragrant flowers, they belong to the olive family and their fragrant scent is spread in the yard. I definitely recommend having Dutch jasmine in the garden, it grows well both in the pot on the terrace and in the garden!

Lonicera Winter honeysuckle

That is, if I want to introduce one of the most fragrant shrubs, I will introduce the same plantain or a kind of jasmine to the extent that I always plant one or two in my project, so that in the spring its fragrance will be spread in the yard with the wind. And make me drunk!

This plant is unique, it should be pruned regularly so that the spring becomes more flowering, that is, it blooms on annual branches! It has round leaves and after flowering, its flowers turn into the red fruit of the rosary, which tastes a little bitter.

Mock oranges Philadelphus tree narcissus

The first time I passed the Agricultural Campus, between the sycamore trees, there was a series of shrubs with heart-shaped and round leaves. After that, I saw it in some other places and realized that it is a rooted shrub and how long ago they thought about it !! Sometimes I saw it in old villas. It is a spring flowering shrub and the petals of these dwarf dogs are also very lovely. Shade resistant and can be planted in the yard of your villa or yard.

Chimonanthus ice flower

Ozone ice flower is a bouquet of flowers that have yellow or milky flowers in winter, the scent of which drives people crazy! Of course, it does not spread because the cold air does not have the capacity of water vapor and air circulation, that is why its perfume does not spread, but when you smell it, you go crazy and I saw a lot of branches being torn from the bottom, thrown into the water and placed next to the TV!

This is how the perfume is spread because the air in the house is hot and humid! Anyway, ice flower has been famous for a long time and it can be done with a little tact and management to have a lot of perfume in the garden every season.

Star Jasmine 

It is a plant that grows up to about three or four meters from the oleander family. It has stout flowers and it is very fragrant. It blooms in spring and the end of June and its fragrance is spread.

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