Flower stands and it's types for home

Flower stands and how to best use them

 What is a flower stand?

A flower stand is a one- or multi tiered plant stand that is used to place a vase. In fact, the stand can be considered a kind of glassless display case for keeping flowers and plants, which, in addition to its practical aspect, has a great impact on the beauty of the space.

Making a vase stand is not a difficult task because if you are a little familiar with the carpentry profession, you can easily design and build the most beautiful stand with your creative mind.

The stands that are available in the market have different dimensions and shapes and respond to all tastes. But if you have an idea in mind, you can customize your stand. The flower stand is also known as the flower stand and is an ideal product for organizing flower pots and caring for them.

Variety of flower stands

Different materials are used in making the stand. Metal, MDF and natural wood are some of these materials, but stands made of metal are more modern and stylish. Metal vase stands are the best choice for homes designed in a contemporary or modern style. Wooden plant stands, which are more durable and attractive than MDF stands, are also made of wood from various forest trees.

The price of a wooden stand is cheaper than an MDF stand. The most important thing to consider when buying a stand is that it is waterproof because over time, watering will affect the quality of the stand. The stands are classified into geometric base stands, ladder stands and puzzle stands in terms of appearance.

Geometric base stand

Geometric base stands are the best option for decorating modern homes. The bases of these stands are made in different geometric dimensions and shapes and have a unique beauty.

Number of flower stands

The choice of the number of floors of the flower stand depends on the desired space and its decoration. As you know, the growth of most plants is static, so the height of the stands should be such that it provides enough space for the plants to grow.

Flower stands have different resistances depending on the material used in their construction, which is why heavy pots are placed on the lower floors. Also, the placement of pots on the floors should be such that large pots do not prevent the view of small pots.

They can also be easily watered and cared for. To get acquainted with how to keep houseplants, refer to the desired link.The location of the flower stand

Although the flower stand acts as a decorative element in the house, its location must have the necessary conditions for plant growth. Shade-loving houseplants do not need much light, but other flowers and plants need natural light.

In addition to providing light, things like humidity and air conditioning should also be considered. In general, the best place to store a stand is by the window. If your timber plant shelf is used to store dimly lit apartment plants, don't worry about its location. Using a pot stand, you can easily fill the canopies of the house and add to the charm of the space.

These stands can be used not only in the living room but also in the bedroom, balcony, empty spaces, etc. The only thing that needs to be considered is the factors that should be considered when growing and growing plants.

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