The positive psychological effects of having a houseplant

Since the creation of the earth, plants have been of great importance. They provide food, construction materials, fiber, fuel and medicine for humans and animals. For thousands of years, humans have used plants to decorate their homes, and flowers and plants have been used in various ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

Plants have numerous benefits in the mental and physical health of human beings and many people cultivate them and feel very satisfied about this. 
Most colds are caused by particles and viruses that enter the human body through the air, and studies show that houseplants can reduce the risk of catching colds and other diseases by up to 30%.

This is because indoor plants purify indoor air of contaminated particles and viruses, as well as houseplants by eliminating airborne pollutants such as VOCs, which is an organic compound that escapes nausea. Prevents headaches and other respiratory problems.

Increase air oxygen

Lack of oxygen in the brain causes headaches, which are annoying headaches and may reduce our productivity and disrupt our daily activities. Houseplants increase the amount of oxygen in the home through photosynthesis and prevent the problems caused by lack of oxygen.

Air purifier: Houseplants take toxic substances from the ambient air and oxygenate it, a natural air purifier that smoothes the flow of clean air into your brain.

Creating a sense of happiness and healing in the person

The green leaves and different colors of houseplants attract our attention and create peace and happiness in us. Studies show that having different plants in hospitals will speed up patients' recovery.

Improve mental health: Keeping plants at home prevents a person from feeling depressed and lonely, and helps them to set new goals in life by creating a sense of happiness.

A healthy houseplant will help keep your mind healthy. Plant soil contains microbes that cause chemical reactions and release endorphins, so it makes you feel better. Also, seeing a beautiful flower pot will make you feel relaxed and relieve stress.

Strengthen memory and concentration

Having a houseplant at home strengthens memory and concentration because it creates the impression of nature's tranquility indoors. By keeping an apartment plant in the workplace, you can help increase cognitive function and reduce the rate of jumping your thoughts.

Lowering blood pressure

Houseplants reduce stress and ultimately lower blood pressure. Stress is one of the causes of high blood pressure, and taking care of houseplants also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Decreased carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the end product of human respiration into the environment, and if it is increased in the air around humans, it can be harmful to their health and cause drowsiness. Having a plant at home reduces carbon dioxide in the air because the plant absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen during photosynthesis.

Pain relief

Some houseplants have high medicinal benefits, for example, aloe vera reduces inflammation and reduces pain, especially in the skin.

Allergy prevention

Allergies are usually caused by the body's immune system being exposed to the allergen. Some people may be allergic to plants, especially pollen, and if you try to expose your children to these plants earlier by desensitizing them, you will help strengthen their immune system and prevent allergies in the future. .

Improves brain function

As mentioned earlier, houseplants increase concentration and improve brain function by increasing the level of oxygen in the air.

Brain function: Strengthen IQ

Having houseplants strengthens our capacity for directed attention - the amount of time we can focus on a task. It also makes people perform better perceptually.

Clean air supply

If there is a busy factory or street around your place of residence, by keeping houseplants you will be able to purify your home air from pollutants and harmful particles in your home air.

Prevent runny nose

Some herbs, such as eucalyptus, have a fragrant scent that prevents runny nose and is a natural remedy for phlegm.

Natural air humidifier

If you live in a dry area, it is better to keep a number of houseplants instead of buying a fumigator because the plants are able to regulate the humidity in the air.

Improve sleep quality

Having houseplants in the house cures the problem of insomnia because these plants release oxygen at night, improve the ambient air and make it easier to concentrate and calm your mind and go to sleep. Many houseplants, such as pearl flowers, improve sleep and calm the mind during the night.

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