Plants that Produce Good amount of Oxygen

 There are plenty of plants that produce good amount of oxygen. Let me take you through some of the best house plants that not just produce most oxygen but also play a vital role in absorbing more CO2. Plants that absorb more CO2 make the environment refreshing and lighter, thus revitalizing your aura. Our plant stands range keep your house clean!

  • Boston Ferns,

  • Areca Palm,

  • Peace Lilly,

  • Snake Plant,

  • Gerber Daisy,

  • Neem Tree,

  • Aloe Vera,

  • Chrismas Cactus,

  • Tusli (Basill),

  • English Ivy ,

  • Bamboo Palm,

  • Chinese Evergreen,

  • Rubber Plant

  • Orchids


How Much Oxygen Does a Plant Produce?

The amount of oxygen that a plant produces is much more difficult to calculate because it depends on many variables. Plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of making sugars, which is their energy source. Slow growing plants need much less sugar than fast growing plants and therefore produce much less sugar and oxygen and 3 tier plant stand.

Low levels of light affect photosynthesis and result in less oxygen production. Temperature, water levels, and available nutrients also impact photosynthesis and in turn oxygen levels.

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