It's hard to believe, but these strange plants exist!

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about nature. The real nature in which we live has many wonders and wonders in it, which we will surely be amazed to see.

Strange plants of the world!

These wonders have been taken from strange animals and animals, and even plants and flowers, while humans have not yet been able to discover many of them, or even humans.

The hand of the devil

The hand of the devil | Evil hand Chiranthodendron Pentadactylon or a strange cave that is full of ice in summer!

This interesting and strange and of course spectacular plant is also known as monkey, flower or monkey paw. In Europe and America, this flower is used as a gift for Halloween or decorations!

This plant is usually grown in Mexico. The people of the ancient Aztec civilization paid special religious attention to Satan. The fruit of this flower has an earthy taste. This fruit has been used in traditional medicine in recent years to treat various diseases such as heart attack.

The claw part of this plant is what distinguishes its appearance from other plants with ordinary flowers, and it is as if it intends to take its prey with its red and evil hand. The height of this plant can reach 10 to 27 meters.

Bee flower | Bumblebee orchid

This plant is similar to bees, especially large bees! The Greek word ophrys means eyebrow and it is due to the small spots that are seen on the edges of this plant.

Some bee flowers are cream, brown and golden, much like a bee. Because the process of propagating bees is so difficult, it has been dubbed this. In order for a bee flower to grow well, it must coexist with a kind of fungus, which makes it very difficult to transplant.

These flowers grow mostly in pastures, but have also been observed in dry and hard limestones. The interesting thing to know about this plant is that it produces fragrant bee flowers similar to female bees.

Therefore, male bees are attracted to it and the pollination process is faster. Pollution is done well in Australia, but other parts of the world are in trouble.

In the UK, for example, because there are no suitable bees to do this, the flowers themselves have to pollinate.

Palicourea elata

Lipstick is known by many titles. This flower is red and its red color seems to make this flower look like a lip.

Of course, it should be noted that the lip-like state of these flowers lasts only a few days, and after that we see the appearance of tiny white and yellow flowers on it. But there is another thing about these tiny flowers, and that is that they seem to make you think that the plant is going to stick out its tongue and make fun of you!

This plant belongs to the Ronasian family of plants. The rare and diverse species of this plant have dark spots that are full of bacteria. The flower grows in the tropics of Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. This plant is endangered.

Anguloa Uniflora

They are very funny flowers that look like human babies. The story of the discovery of these salt flowers is no less than these flowers.

In the 10-year period that these flowers were discovered in Colombia between 1777 and 1788, you may not believe it, but it was not until 10 years later that a formal classification of the species and family of this plant was made. No name was chosen for him.

The blossoms of this plant After a strange neighborhood of blossoming, a plant in the form of white-clad babies with white buttocks emerges from it. Some people think that these flowers are like oysters, but in any case, these flowers are known as baby candies.

Butterfly flowers bloom in South America during the summer. Their growth peak is up to 10 cm. This plant is very fragrant and fragrant, which is very attractive to insects, but their pollen sticks to insects, and this causes the pollen of this flower.

Bad smelling flowers | Zaminkand (Amorphophallus titanium)

Perhaps one of the most famous flowers in the world is a flower called stinky flower, which few people in the world have not heard of. 
This stinking plant! It rarely blooms, and of course, every time it blooms, it becomes the subject of much media and press around the world.
It grows in a combination of plants and grows only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

You may not believe it, but carnivorous flies and beetles do the pollination process. The name of the plant is derived from a word of Greek origin, amorphous, meaning shapeless or badly formed. Stinky flowers, in addition to being rare, are very large and it has been seen that some of them can reach 4 meters in height and give flowers weighing 11 kg. It is interesting to know that each of the fungal flowers can produce 4 million roots.

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