The best houseplants, with these 10 plants you will always stay healthy!

Fans of flowers and plants believe that having houseplants can have a big impact on the exchange of positive energy.

These plants can make the air in the house cleaner and make any room fragrant and refreshing. In the meantime, there are plants that can help you feel better and healthier. We must say that despite these plants, diseases will get away from you.

Of course, this does not mean that if you take a pill, you should put it aside, but the presence of these plants will not be ineffective.

This plant is usually kept in home gardens for culinary use. But it must be said that the long, green and thin leaves that are located under the purple petals can also improve your digestive system and also overshadow issues related to the throat, pain and gums. Let it brew for 10 leaves and then drink it. This drink can rinse your throat well.


Thyme is one of the best houseplants that is usually grown in homes. Like rosemary, it is a desert plant that needs sunlight and does not need water. This plant contains a disinfectant that has turned thyme into a cure for coughs and of course indigestion. Thyme oil is very useful for wound healing and speeds up healing. To prepare thyme oil, chop a few leaves and pour it into a small jar, add a little sunflower oil and let it stay in a warm place for a week.

Chamomile flowers, which are the best apartment flowers, are familiar to all of us. These flowers grow easily and are used as a brew and tea. This plant is very useful for many problems such as gastrointestinal and nervous system complications, and calms them down.

If you decide to relax just enough to rest well, brew chamomile tea for as short as 5 minutes; But for gastrointestinal upset, it's best to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for it to breathe well. However, chamomile can have a great effect on your mental health and physical fatigue.

It is possible that most people have used the aloe vera plant or heard about its properties to some extent. Aloe vera, as the best houseplant, is a juicy plant that is usually planted in pots or in gardens. The leaves of this plant are very thick, strong and long and its flowers are orange. Inside the leaves, there is a gel-like substance that can greatly improve skin burns such as sunburn and body wounds.

In many of their homes and gardens, we come across bright orange flowers that are very easy to maintain. This plant is also known as an enemy of pests and removes worms from other houseplants. Marigold is used for various purposes in herbal and traditional medicine; However, it can be said that most of its ability to treat skin diseases such as insect bites, sunburn, acne and other wounds. To do this, you can apply this flower on the damaged part of your skin and then wash it.

One of the best houseplants is lavender. You may know lavender only as a perfume or a medicinal plant. It must be said that this is exactly the case, and this plant covers both of these issues. Along with this, the stunning color of lavender, which is a romantic purple, in turn adds to its importance! Lavender has long been used as a medicinal plant. Lavender oil is a great way to treat burns, bites, boils and of course swelling. To prepare the oil of this plant, you can pour the lavender flowers and leaves in a glass container and cover its surface with vegetable oil, and then let it stay in a warm and dry environment for about a week.

Basil is a fragrant plant that is commonly found in many kitchens. This plant grows in sunlight as well as shade and needs frequent watering so that the soil is always moist. Basil is often used in cooking and if used in salads, it can be good for the stomach and prevent infection. You can shave a part of the leaf and rub it on the infection so that the basil does its job and cures the infection.

Peppermint is one of the best apartment flowers that you can easily keep in the kitchen. It does not matter how much space the plant has, however, after growing it, separate the grown branches to have more space. Peppermint is often known for its soothing properties. This plant can relax the muscles, reduce their pressure and reduce pain. Brew mint leaves and forget about heartburn and relax by eating mint tea.

This beautiful plant with its leaves facing down can boost a bad immune system

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