Aria TAS Oak Stand with Hanging

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A versatile yet simple piece, the Aria plant stand with hanging feature packs so many features for a plant shelf. Made in solid Tasmanian oak, it is as sturdy and stable as it is durable.

So why spending less on a piece of the factory-made mass-produced stand that breaks the moment it comes to contact with a drop of water when you can have a hand-made piece of furniture that can become a permanent fixture to your house and long-lasting home for your plants.

Why Aria plant stand with hanging?

Along with two long and spacious shelves, the Aria plant stand features a 35mm in diameter dowel to hang your plants. we can also install up to 8 hooks on the dowels for your hanging baskets and cascading plants.

Are your plants hanging much lower? you can have the Aria hanging plant stand custom designed and made to meet your plant sizes. And because this is a solid Tasmanian oak piece you don't have to worry about the excess water dripping on it and just to make sure this guy can take a watery beating we coat it with two layers of sealer and satin varnish.

The Aria hanging plant stand arrives flat-packed and requires basic assembly using a set of cap screws and an Allen key that comes with the piece.

Aria hanging plant stand specifications: 

  • Dimensions: L 1100x D 300 H 1000
  • Available in three primary colors.
  • Custom options available.
  • Feature piece color: Walnut

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