Vayu Plant Stool/Side Table in Solid Tasmanian Oak

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The Vayu pot stand is ideal for displaying your plants at two different levels. The lower shelf is perfect for low-hanging plants whereas the top shelf with a base of over 400 mm in diameter can bear the weight and size of almost any pots sizes.

The Sturdy Pot Stand!

This sturdy modern pot stand is far superior to its counterparts in stability and durability. The entire plant stand is constructed using joinery with no screws so it requires no assembly at home. You can also utilize it as a side or coffee table next to your sofa or simply a place to show off your art.

Vayu Specifications 

Size: Height 550 mm x Top and bottom shelves 400 mm (dia)

Color: Walnut/honey/natural

Featured Piece Color: Walnut

Finish: Natural oil finish/ non-toxic/ safe for pets

Bespoke: This pot stand can be customized to meet your specific requirements. this can include a number of tiers, height, and width. contact us for more info.

 Guide to our finishes and timber to pot stand

The pot stand has made it important for you to design your modern decorations with modern decorative items. Our range of wooden pot stands with a minimalist design and style will do the job of designing your home.

If you are looking for a pot plant stand for one plant you should definitely check out our Vale pot stand.

In addition to seeing a completely different pot stand at home, you can easily display a fancy greenhouse and surprise your guests upon arrival.

Colours Variety in our modern pot stand

You can simply choose the colour of the wood you want to do to the experts and designers according to the colour harmony that you have followed at home, and invite flowers and plants to your home with exactly the same color theme. Setting a flower and pot stand with the colour theme of your wood parquet is another special idea that you can use for your idea generation.

Buy the Vayu flower and plant stand and paint a new and original idea next to the luxury items of your home. Since the prepared products are made entirely of high quality materials, we can promise you that by purchasing this indoor pot stand without flower arrangement, you will have a stylish and special decoration. Change the style of decorating the space related to the modern planter stand with your luxury items.

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