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Iris Pot Stand

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The Iris pot stand is an exquisite and intricate hand-made piece inspired by traditional ancient Persian door ornaments with a touch of modern minimalist simplicity.

Iris Pot Plant Stand Features

The top slot can be customized to accommodate any pot size. the frame is extremely strong so it can be trusted with even the heaviest pots. Ideal for both regular and self-watering pot as the design allows a constant flow of air and water from underneath. The Iris is beyond a mere pot stand.

The Iris pot plant stand is a statement piece of furniture and arguably our most distinctive design.

The sizes are various depends on the size of your pot or you can buy an average size and find a pot in Bunnings or Ikea that fits. The larger pots look much better as they stand more on Iris pot stands. If you choose American Oak, Tas Oak, and Walnut you can use the Iris in outdoor areas as well as indoor as they are weather and water-resistant.

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