Gaia 3 Tiered Plant Stand

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A very versatile 3 tiered plant stand made entirely of Tas Oak and finished with a very resilient coat of natural oils.

Gaia 3 Tiered Plant Stand/ Plant Shelf

Levels get deeper from top to bottom, making it ideal for a variety of pot sizes. They are also spaced at about 500mm from each other providing plenty of room for even your tallest plants. The gaps in the levels ensure a constant flow of air and light And allow for the extra watering to drip down on the bottom plants. The wide base of the Gaia tall 3 tiered plant stand guarantees stability even with oversize pots.

The 3 tiered plant stand boasts of many features:

  • Can be flat packed using a set of Allen screws 
  • Can be customized to accommodate your requirements including the number of tiers, width and colour
  • Resistant to long exposure to water
  • Can be used as an outdoor tiered plant stand  

More than a 3 tiered plant stand!

The Gaia 3 tiered plant stand is as practical as it gets when it comes to displaying your plants. Alternatively, it can be exploited as a cool bookcase or a display unit for your shop.


L 700 x W 300( bottom shelf) x H 1100

Shelf depth from top to bottom: 170mm , 240mm, 300mm

Finish: Only applicable to Tas oak: natural/ honey/ walnut

Timber: TasOak/ American white Oak/ Black walnut

Featured Piece color: natural

Guide to our finishes and timbers for our 3 tiered plant stand

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