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The Vale pot stand is a fabulous and stylish way to keep your potted plants off the floor. The design is inspired by the famous Scandinavian style of furniture making and is sure to bring a feel of retro to your home. 

A Mid-Century Modern Pot stand

Almost any size and style pot goes with its clean, defining lines and the 150mm base means most pots with a much larger top can fit effortlessly.

If your pots have a bigger base you can go for the larger size with a base of 200mm. The strong joinery assures a secure and stable resting base even for heavy stone pots without any risk of tipping over.

 This pot plant stand is available in a variety of timbers and finishes.



  • Size 1: L 270x W 270 x H 500
  • Size 2: L 320x W 320 x H 700

Timber Options:

  • Tasmanian Oak  
  • American Oak 
  • American Black Walnut 


  • Natural, Honey, Walnut

Guide to the finishes and timbers for Vale Pot stand



On the other hand, monster cacti are suitable for modern style spaces.

The beauty of using plants in home decoration and improving the space around you is that you can be creative in how you display your plants. You can buy beautiful and unique vases and you can adapt them to wall crafts or you can even place them on indoor plant stands which is the main topic of this article.

Let's take a look at the different types of houseplants that you can use for your interior decoration that give your home a special beauty and at the same time are affordable.

Plant stand Flower and plant stand

These are both examples of houseplants where the pot is part of the crop. In both examples, the pots can be easily removed from the stands for easy watering.

Some pots have holes for drainage and drainage of water, and others do not have these drainage holes. Just before placing the plant, make sure that the pot is able to drain and drain the water, and at the end of the pot, add pieces of charcoal or put the plant that is currently in the pot in a drained container.

Notice how both of these indoor plant stands complement the two different environments and are suitable for these environments.

Wooden and ceramic stands have more complex patterns than black aluminum stands and are well adapted to different environments, but the pattern is not suitable for all spaces.

In general, it is important to pay attention to the color tone of the plants or the contrast of the colors of the houseplants and to consider how the combination of flowers and stands can lead to a compatible environment.

Types of plant stands Vase stand models

The real point here is that these items are really used as vase stands that can be considered as side tables, but placing a drink or a cup of hot tea on very small stands would be impractical.

Wooden Pot stand

By default we talked to the photographers who took pictures of the interior so that they could take pictures of the plants before taking the picture. Then we went to another architectural firm that embraced plants as part of the indoor environment because we learned that there is a specific type of plant for each environment. This is an analogy that applies to different examples in life.

For example, the Aphorbia cactus, which is a slender and tall cactus, is perfectly suited for ultra-modern and minimalist indoor spaces, and the tall Mexican cacti, which are arranged in a row, are suitable for outdoor spaces.

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